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    1 #%RAML 1.0 DataType
    2 description: |
    4     This resource type describes buildmasters in the buildmaster cluster.
    6     Update Methods
    7     --------------
    9     All update methods are available as attributes of ``master.data.updates``.
   11     .. py:class:: buildbot.data.masters.Master
   13         .. py:method:: masterActive(name, masterid)
   15             :param unicode name: the name of this master (generally ``hostname:basedir``)
   16             :param integer masterid: this master's master ID
   17             :returns: Deferred
   19             Mark this master as still active.
   20             This method should be called at startup and at least once per minute.
   21             The master ID is acquired directly from the database early in the master startup process.
   23         .. py:method:: expireMasters()
   25             :returns: Deferred
   27             Scan the database for masters that have not checked in for ten minutes.
   28             This method should be called about once per minute.
   30         .. py:method:: masterStopped(name, masterid)
   32             :param unicode name: the name of this master
   33             :param integer masterid: this master's master ID
   34             :returns: Deferred
   36             Mark this master as inactive.
   37             Masters should call this method before completing an expected shutdown, and on startup.
   38             This method will take care of deactivating or removing configuration resources like builders and schedulers as well as marking lost builds and build requests for retry.
   40 properties:
   41     active:
   42         description: true if the master is active
   43         type: boolean
   44     last_active:
   45         description: time this master was last marked active
   46         type: date
   47     masterid:
   48         description: the ID of this master
   49         type: integer
   50     name:
   51         description: master name (in the form "hostname:basedir")
   52         type: string
   53 type: object