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    1 #%RAML 1.0 DataType
    2 description: |
    3     A change resource represents a change to the source code monitored by Buildbot.
    5     Update Methods
    6     --------------
    8     All update methods are available as attributes of ``master.data.updates``.
   10     .. py:class:: buildbot.data.changes.Change
   12         .. py:method:: addChange(files=None, comments=None, author=None, revision=None, when_timestamp=None, branch=None, category=None, revlink='', properties={}, repository='', codebase=None, project='', src=None)
   14             :param files: a list of filenames that were changed
   15             :type files: list of unicode strings
   16             :param unicode comments: user comments on the change
   17             :param unicode author: the author of this change
   18             :param unicode revision: the revision identifier for this change
   19             :param integer when_timestamp: when this change occurred (seconds since the epoch), or the current time if None
   20             :param unicode branch: the branch on which this change took place
   21             :param unicode category: category for this change
   22             :param string revlink: link to a web view of this revision
   23             :param properties: properties to set on this change.  Note that the property source is *not* included in this dictionary.
   24             :type properties: dictionary with unicode keys and simple values (JSON-able).
   25             :param unicode repository: the repository in which this change took place
   26             :param unicode project: the project this change is a part of
   27             :param unicode src: source of the change (vcs or other)
   28             :returns: the ID of the new change, via Deferred
   30             Add a new change to Buildbot.
   31             This method is the interface between change sources and the rest of Buildbot.
   33             All parameters should be passed as keyword arguments.
   35             All parameters labeled 'unicode' must be unicode strings and not bytestrings.
   36             Filenames in ``files``, and property names, must also be unicode strings.
   37             This is tested by the fake implementation.
   39 properties:
   40     changeid:
   41         description: the ID of this change
   42         type: integer
   43     author:
   44         description: |
   45             the author of the change in "name", "name <email>" or just "email" (with @) format
   46         type: string
   47     branch?:
   48         description: |
   49             branch on which the change took place, or none for the "default branch", whatever that might mean
   50         type: string
   51     category?:
   52         description: user-defined category of this change, or none
   53         type: string
   54     codebase:
   55         description: codebase in this repository
   56         type: string
   58         description: |
   59             user comments for this change (aka commit)
   60         type: string
   61     files[]:
   62         description: list of source-code filenames changed
   63         type: string
   64     parent_changeids[]:
   65         description: |
   66             The ID of the parents.
   67             The data api allow for several parents, but the core buildbot does not yet support
   68         type: integer
   69     project:
   70         description: user-defined project to which this change corresponds
   71         type: string
   72     properties:
   73         description: user-specified properties for this change, represented as an object mapping keys to tuple (value, source)
   74         type: sourcedproperties
   75     repository:
   76         description: repository where this change occurred
   77         type: string
   78     revision?:
   79         description: revision for this change, or none if unknown
   80         type: string
   81     revlink?:
   82         description: link to a web view of this change
   83         type: string
   84     sourcestamp:
   85         description: the sourcestamp resource for this change
   86         type: sourcestamp
   87     when_timestamp:
   88         description: time of the change
   89         type: integer
   90 type: object