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buildah-source "1" "March 2021" "buildah"


buildah-source - Create, push, pull and manage source images and associated source artifacts


buildah source subcommand


Create, push, pull and manage source images and associated source artifacts. A source image contains all source artifacts an ordinary OCI image has been built with. Those artifacts can be any kind of source artifact, such as source RPMs, an entire source tree or text files.

Note that the buildah-source command and all its subcommands are experimental and may be subject to future changes.


Command Man Page Description
add buildah-source-add(1) Add a source artifact to a source image.
create buildah-source-create(1) Create and initialize a source image.
pull buildah-source-pull(1) Pull a source image from a registry to a specified path.
push buildah-source-push(1) Push a source image from a specified path to a registry.




June 2021, Originally compiled by Valentin Rothberg vrothber@redhat.com