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buildah-inspect "1" "May 2017" "buildah"


buildah-inspect - Display information about working containers or images or manifest lists.


buildah inspect [options] [--] object


Prints the low-level information on Buildah object(s) (e.g. container, images, manifest lists) identified by name or ID. By default, this will render all results in a JSON array. If the container, image, or manifest lists have the same name, this will return container JSON for an unspecified type. If a format is specified, the given template will be executed for each result.


--format, -f template

Use template as a Go template when formatting the output.

Users of this option should be familiar with the text/template package in the Go standard library, and of internals of Buildah's implementation.

--type, -t container | image | manifest

Specify whether object is a container, image or a manifest list.


buildah inspect containerID

buildah inspect --type container containerID

buildah inspect --type image imageID

buildah inspect --format '{{.OCIv1.Config.Env}}' alpine