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    1 FROM fedora
    2 RUN dnf -y update && dnf -y clean all
    3 RUN dnf -y install btrfs-progs-devel containers-common device-mapper-devel golang go-md2man gpgme-devel libassuan-devel libseccomp-devel make net-tools runc shadow-utils glibc-static libselinux-static libseccomp-static && dnf -y clean all
    4 COPY . /go/src/github.com/containers/buildah
    5 RUN env GOPATH=/go make -C /go/src/github.com/containers/buildah clean all install
    6 RUN sed -i -r -e 's,driver = ".*",driver = "vfs",g' /etc/containers/storage.conf
    8 WORKDIR /root
    9 CMD /bin/bash