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This directory contains the Dockerfiles necessary to create the buildahimage container images that are housed on quay.io under the buildah account. All repositories where the images live are public and can be pulled without credentials. These container images are secured and the resulting containers can run safely with privileges within the container.

The container images are built using the latest Fedora and then Buildah is installed into them. The PATH in the container images is set to the default PATH provided by Fedora. Also, the ENTRYPOINT and the WORKDIR variables are not set within these container images, as such they default to /.

The container images are:

Sample Usage

Although not required, it is suggested that Podman be used with these container images.

podman pull docker://quay.io/buildah/stable:latest

podman run stable buildah version

# Create a directory on the host to mount the container's
# /var/lib/container directory to so containers can be
# run within the container.
mkdir /var/lib/mycontainer

# Run the image detached using the host's network in a container name
# buildahctr, turn off label and seccomp confinement in the container
# and then do a little shell hackery to keep the container up and running.
podman run --detach --name=buildahctr --net=host --security-opt label=disable --security-opt seccomp=unconfined --device /dev/fuse:rw -v /var/lib/mycontainer:/var/lib/containers:Z  stable sh -c 'while true ;do sleep 100000 ; done'

podman exec -it  buildahctr /bin/sh

# Now inside of the container

buildah from alpine

buildah images


Note: If you encounter a fuse: device not found error when running the container image, it is likely that the fuse kernel module has not been loaded on your host system. Use the command modprobe fuse to load the module and then run the container image. To enable this automatically at boot time, you can add a configuration file to /etc/modules.load.d. See man modules-load.d for more details.