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    1 This directory contains all common Tcl scripts for the
    2 BrlCad distribution. Application specific Tcl scripts
    3 also live here within their own subdirectories.
    5 chkexterns.tcl		utility to check for the existence of commands
    6 fs_dialog.tk		file selection dialog widget
    7 helpcomm.tcl		generic help routines
    8 helplib.tcl		library help routines
    9 html_library.tcl	HTML display library by Stephen Uhler
   10 libdm.tcl		libdm initialization routines
   11 mged			directory of mged specific tcl scripts
   12 pl-dm			directory of pl-dm specific tcl scripts
   13 tclIndex		Tcl autoload index file
   14 vmath.tcl		tcl routines for doing vmath stuff