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    1 BRL-CAD has a long history of pithy attempts at constraint solving.
    3 There is a relatively simple forward-kinematic solver that was
    4 implemented as a GED command (see 'joint' command).  It utilizes
    5 'grip' objects and outboard text files that describe constraint
    6 relationships.  It remained broken and unused for about 20 years until
    7 it was fixed in 2014.  It surprisingly works, and seems to work well
    8 solving linear relationships (3D geometric constraints).
   10 There is a relatively new system that utilizes 'joint' objects,
   11 currently creating a 6DoF relationship between objects but with the
   12 intention of expanding it into supporting other (more constrained)
   13 joint types like hinges, pivots, saddles, etc.  This system is
   14 integrated into MGED/Archer and is interactively editable with mouse
   15 controls.
   17 The scope of libpc is to serve as a wrapper over a geometric
   18 constraint evaluation system with the likely expectation that one or
   19 more 3rd-party solver will be incorporated to solve parametric
   20 constraints and joint articulation.  The intention and target purpose
   21 is for librt to rely on this library for data types and evaluation.
   24 GECODE
   25 http://www.gecode.org
   26 mit
   28 GLOP
   29 https://developers.google.com/optimization
   30 apache2