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    1 Contained in this directory are the sources to BRL-CAD.  This
    2 presently includes over 400+ tools and more than two dozen libraries
    3 across more than a million lines of source code.  The contents of the
    4 individual directories are briefly described below.
    5 	It is part of BRL-CAD's intentional build infrastructure
    6 design consideration to not require the installation of minor 3rd
    7 party external codes in order for the package to compile or operate
    8 correctly.  As part of this philosophy, the majority of BRL-CAD's
    9 required and optional dependencies are preconfigured and bundled with
   10 the package in the "other" directory.  For those components of BRL-CAD
   11 that have library dependencies that are not easily bundled in a
   12 cross-platform sustainable manner, such as linkages to commercial
   13 libraries, said components are included in the "external" directory.
   15 Contents
   16 --------
   18 adrt - Advanced Distributed Ray-Tracer, high-performance triangle ray-trace tools
   19 anim - animation tools
   20 archer - Archer, a geometry modeler implemented in Tcl
   21 brlman - a 'man' tool that knows where to look for BRL-CAD manual pages
   22 burst - tool for simulation of burst effects
   23 bwish - BRL-CAD's version of 'tclsh' and 'wish' Tcl/Tk interpreters
   24 canon - tool to spool/queue image data to Canon printers via MDQS
   25 conv - codes for converting to/from BRL-CAD .g format and other TGM formats
   26 external - codes that require non-bundled external functionality
   27 fb - tools for displaying images to and reading from a framebuffer
   28 fbed - a framebuffer editor
   29 fbserv - the framebuffer server
   30 gtools - geometry processing tools (validation, transferring, comparing)
   31 halftone - tool for producing halftoned images from B&W images
   32 irprep - Infrared processing tools
   33 lgt - an interactive geometry rendering tool
   34 libbg - a computational geometry routines library
   35 libbn - the BRL-CAD numerics library
   36 libbrep - the BRL-CAD NURBS B-Rep library
   37 libbu - the BRL-CAD utility library
   38 libdm - a 3D display manager library
   39 libfb - a 2D framebuffer library
   40 libfft - a fast Fourier transform library
   41 libged - the geometry editor library
   42 libgcv - the geometry conversion library
   43 liboptical - an optics library for raster image ray-tracing
   44 libpkg - a network package transport library
   45 librt - the BRL-CAD ray-trace library
   46 libtclcad - a library for Tcl routines related to CAD
   47 libtermio - a terminal I/O library
   48 libwdb - the write database library, for creating BRL-CAD geometry models
   49 mged - the Multi-device Geometry Editor, a CSG solid modeler
   50 nirt - Natalie's Interactive Ray-Tracer, an interactive ray-trace tool
   51 other - 3rd party code optionally utilized by BRL-CAD
   52 proc-db - tools for procedurally creating geometry models
   53 remrt - remote distributed ray-trace tools, a client and server
   54 rt - the BRL-CAD ray-tracers, various analytic and visual ray-trace-based tools
   55 shapes - tools for creating various common geometry objects (bolts, handles, windows, etc.)
   56 sig - signal processing tools, data conversion and manipulation of raw data
   57 tab - table processing tools, used primarily in conjunction with animation tools
   58 tclscripts - a library of Tcl routines used by mged, rtwizard, and archer
   59 util - various image processing and conversion utilities