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    1 This directory contains build resources specific to the Mac OS X
    2 platform.  There are related Mac OS X build scripts of interest also
    3 located in the top-level sh directory (make_pkg.sh & make_dmg.sh) as
    4 well as the top-level Makefile.am build targets: make pkg & make dmg
    7 README
    8 	this file
   10 Resources/
   11 	contains the files for an Installer .pkg including the
   12 	ReadMe, Welcome, License, and any installation support
   13 	scripts.
   15 background.png
   16 	the background image for the .dmg installation images.
   18 openUp.c
   19 	a .dmg helper program used by sh/make_dmg.sh to force the
   20 	disk mounting image to automatically open up a window when it
   21 	is mounted.