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    1 The directories embedded and other contain the licenses for components that end
    2 up distributed in the BRL-CAD binary packages.  For 3rd party components that
    3 are to be included in a built BRL-CAD binary package in some form (as opposed
    4 to being simply part of the build infrastructure) we keep copies of the
    5 licenses here so they may be bundled and distributed with the built binaries.
    7 The "embedded" directory holds licenses for code that is incorporated in one of
    8 BRL-CAD's libraries, main repository directories, or sometimes directly in
    9 source files.
   11 The "other" directory holds licenses for src/other components that are bundled
   12 and distributed with BRL-CAD but managed as separate libraries or modules
   13 rather than being directly incorporated into the primary BRL-CAD source tree.
   15 We do not add licenses here for source in the tree that is distributed only as
   16 source code.  If a component that is currently build only changes to being
   17 distributed (say, we bundle libxml as a runtime requirement rather than its
   18 current use of building DocBook documentation at build time) we would add the
   19 license to other (and move libxml from the misc/tools directory to src/other)