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    2 =====================
    4 One of the first systems to run BRL-CAD was the VAX.  In particular, a
    5 VAX 11/780 named VGR is the baseline reference machine for the BRL-CAD
    6 Benchmark suite.  Through the 80's and most of the 90's, BRL-CAD was
    7 compiled for and maintained on VGR running 4.3 BSD until the hardware
    8 was finally decommissioned.
   10 BRL-CAD has been successfully compiled for and run under the simh
   11 Computer History Simulation Project's VAX simulator.  Using this
   12 simulator, it's feasible to install one of the BSD variants
   13 (e.g. NetBSD) and the GCC compiler.
   15 No one has tried bootstrapping CMake on a VAX simh NetBSD image yet, so it
   16 is not known what problems may occur - the basic bootstrap procedure is:
   18 1.  Download the source from http://www.cmake.org/cmake/resources/software.html
   19 2.  unzip the tarball: gunzip cmake-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
   20 3.  open the tarball: tar -xvf cmake-X.Y.Z.tar
   21 4.  cd cmake-X.Y.Z
   22 5.  CXX=g++ ./bootstrap -prefix=/home/user/cmake-install (or your preferred directory)
   23 6.  gmake
   24 7.  gmake install
   26 As of the last effort involved in compiling BRL-CAD under this
   27 environment (using GNU Autotools), there were a few steps
   28 necessary that included the following:
   30   - Define the preprocessor symbol "vax".
   32   - Disable compilation of libfft and sig.  The FFT library builds
   33     convolution kernels that are too large for the usual VAX memory
   34     sizes.
   36   - Compile against libm.a instead of libm.so.  The shared object
   37     library (at least under NetBSD) is buggy and will cause run-time
   38     bus errors (i.e. rt will crash).  With CMake, you might try:
   39 	-DM_LIBRARY=/usr/lib/libm.a
   41 After those steps, you should at least be able to perform a benchmark
   42 compilation (i.e. "make benchmark"), raytrace images, and obtain
   43 performance metrics.