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    1 BRL-CAD on Solaris README
    2 =========================
    3 In recent years, there have been a variety of Solaris-style operating
    4 systems that have appeared, following Sun's open-source release of
    5 OpenSolaris.  OpenSolaris itself doesn't seem to be especially active, but
    6 another derivative system called OpenIndiana has appeared, based on the
    7 illumos kernel - the Solaris file will be the place to add any notes
    8 needed to build on such derivative systems, as well as Solaris proper.
   10 Kitware does not provide a pre-compiled binary for CMake on Solaris
   11 type systems.  To bootstrap from the source code, try the following:
   13 (You probably want to use gmake and gcc/g++ for this...)
   15 1.  Download the source from http://www.cmake.org/cmake/resources/software.html
   16 2.  unzip the tarball: gunzip cmake-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
   17 3.  open the tarball: tar -xvf cmake-X.Y.Z.tar
   18 4.  cd cmake-X.Y.Z
   19 5.  CXX=g++ ./bootstrap -prefix=/home/user/cmake-install (or your preferred directory)
   20 6.  gmake
   21 7.  gmake install
   23 Then (if you installed to somewhere other than a system dir) add the
   24 bin directory to your path:
   26 csh:  setenv PATH /home/user/cmake-install/bin:$PATH
   27 bash: export PATH=/home/user/cmake-install/bin:$PATH
   29 From there, you should be good to build BRL-CAD.  The most recent tests
   30 of the Sun Studio compiler suggest that there are issues to resolve,
   31 so (unless you want to fix those issues, which would be welcome!) you
   32 probably want to use the GCC compiler suite to build BRL-CAD as well:
   34 CC=gcc CXX=g++ cmake ../brlcad
   36 If while compiling you encounter an error "Text relocation remains
   37 against symbol" along with some number of lines following, it usually
   38 means that the build has attempted to link a static system library
   39 into a shared library being compiled (e.g. attempting to link a system
   40 libz.a into the png library distributed in src/other/libpng being
   41 compiled as libpng.so).  If this happens, it likely indicates a problem
   42 with the CMake build logic and should be reported as a bug - you may also
   43 need to install a shared version of the library.  Another possibility
   44 would be to add -mipure-text to the linker flags.
   46 OpenIndiana
   47 -----------
   49 To build with gcc and CMake on OpenIndiana, you need to install the
   50 following packages:
   52 pkg install pkg:/developer/gcc-7
   53 pkg install pkg:/developer/build/cmake
   54 pkg install pkg:/developer/versioning/subversion
   55 pkg install pkg:/system/header
   56 pkg install pkg:/developer/lexer/flex
   58 (Note that gcc-7 building doesn't work as of 2017-08-23 - the above
   59 install list is a starting point, but the repo currently doesn't
   60 build and isn't close to building.  It may be an older gcc would
   61 have better luck...)