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    1 BRL-CAD on Max OS X README
    2 ==========================
    4 Being that this is one of the newest architectures to be added and
    5 officially supported, there are some issues to keep in mind with the
    6 installation when building from the sources.  Beyond the notes
    7 provided here, building on Mac OS X can generally be considered the
    8 same as the UNIX, BSD, and Linux platforms.
   10 Table of Contents
   11 -----------------
   12   Introduction
   13   Table of Contents
   14   CMake
   15   X11 Window Server
   16   Supported Versions
   17   Mac OS X 10.2
   18   Parallel Builds
   19   Bugs
   21 CMake
   22 -----------------
   23 Kitware provides Mac OSX compilations of CMake:
   25 http://www.cmake.org/cmake/resources/software.html
   28 X11 Window Server
   29 -----------------
   30 You'll need to install an X11 server if you would like to build Tk and
   31 have a graphical user interface.  Apple's X11 is the recommended X
   32 Window Server, but XQuartz should work too and is often newer than the
   33 official Apple version:  http://xquartz.macosforge.org
   35 Supported Versions
   36 ------------------
   37 BRL-CAD is generally only "extensively" tested by the developers on
   38 the latest released version of Mac OS X.  That is to say that
   39 although the BRL-CAD package should build on prior versions of the Mac
   40 OS X operating system, they are generally and eventually not
   41 maintained and will require additional effort to obtain a build.
   42 Compiling on 10.3 or 10.4 should complete successfully.  Due to a
   43 variety of significant application programming interface issues in
   44 early releases of Mac OS X, versions prior to 10.2 are unsupported.
   46 Parallel Builds
   47 ---------------
   48 As many workstation and server systems shipped by Apple are
   49 multiprocessor systems, you can enjoy the benefits of decreased
   50 compile times by utilizing the "-j" option to make.  After running
   51 configure, run "make -j2" to build on a 2-processor system.
   53 Universal Builds
   54 ----------------
   56 Universal builds have not been fully vetted due to how BRL-CAD
   57 serializes data to disk. BRL-CAD's CMake logic is not currently
   58 set up to support this type of build, but plans to in the future.
   60 CMake and Mac OSX
   61 -----------------
   63 On a default configuration, CMake has some problems performing parallel
   64 builds on OSX - typically this will manifest itself as a series of
   65 "too many open files" errors.  So far, the way to work around this in
   66 OSX 10.5 is to set the following system control variables to 50,000:
   68 kern.maxfiles
   69 kern.maxfilesperproc
   71 (check the current values using "sysctl <variable>" on the command line)
   73 and up the maxfiles limit in /etc/launchd.conf:
   75 limit maxfiles 50000 unlimited
   77 This is not widely tested, and OSX has quite a few limit settings that
   78 may or may not apply (and may change from one version to the next.)  As
   79 we get a better feel for various platforms we can assemble a table of
   80 required settings.  Other programs have this issue as well, so searching
   81 online may prove fruitful.
   83 So far, if parallel building doesn't work due to the above issue a
   84 non-parallel build will still succeed.  Another workaround is to build
   85 just subdirectories (e.g. src/other, doc, etc.) individually and then
   86 do a toplevel make in non-parallel mode to finalize the build.
   88 OpenSceneGraph and OSX
   89 ----------------------
   90 For 32bit OSX builds of an X11+OpenSceneGraph BRL-CAD:
   95 Tips
   96 ----
   98 If you need to get information about your machine and OSX version, try
   99 these commands:
  101 sw_vers -productVersion
  102 uname -a
  104 Bugs
  105 ----
  106 The only known bugs specific to Mac OS X are limitations of Tk or the
  107 X11 event handler that are generally outside of BRL-CAD's domain.
  108 Refer to BUGS for more general details on known bugs and reporting
  109 mechanisms.