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    1 BRL-CAD Copying and Distribution
    2 ================================
    4 BRL-CAD is Open Source software with copyright primarily held by the
    5 U.S. Government.  The source code is controlled and maintained by a
    6 core team of Open Source developers working around the world.  Those
    7 core developers operate under a meritocracy organizational structure
    8 adhering to developer guidelines outlined in the HACKING developer's
    9 guide and to the legal conventions and requirements outlined in this
   10 document.
   12 As a unified work, BRL-CAD is made available under the terms of the
   13 GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) as published by the Free
   14 Software Foundation.
   16 As distinctly organized and separate components, parts of BRL-CAD are
   17 made available under different licenses for different portions
   18 including the BSD license and files in the public domain. The Overview
   19 section describes how the various licenses apply to the different
   20 portions of BRL-CAD.
   22 BRL-CAD is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
   23 ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
   24 FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU Lesser General Public
   25 License for more details.
   27 You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
   28 License along with this file.  If you did not, please contact one of
   29 the BRL-CAD project administrators listed at the Github project
   30 site https://github.com/BRL-CAD/brlcad/ or listed in the AUTHORS file
   31 included as part of the distribution.
   33 Overview
   34 --------
   36 BRL-CAD consists primarily of libraries, applications, scripts,
   37 documentation, geometric models, images, data resources, and build
   38 infrastructure.  The BRL-CAD libraries provide their headers in the
   39 include/ directory as well as all of the directories that begin with
   40 the prefix "lib" in the src/ directory (e.g. src/librt/).  All of
   41 BRL-CAD's libraries, applications, and any content lacking a license
   42 specification are covered by the terms of the LGPL.
   44 Most of BRL-CAD's build infrastructure including files required by
   45 the GNU Build System (such as the CMakeLists.txt files), a variety
   46 of scripts located in the misc/ and sh/ directories, and the testing
   47 infrastructure (scripts and resources) are provided either under
   48 the BSD license or are in the public domain.  Similarly, most of
   49 the geometric models, images, and other data resources are also
   50 provided under the BSD license.  Refer to each individual file for
   51 specific terms.
   53 BRL-CAD's documentation consists of manual pages located throughout
   54 the package, most of the files in the doc/ directory, and the
   55 top-level administrative project text files (e.g. README & AUTHORS).
   56 Unless otherwise denoted, all of BRL-CAD's documentation is made
   57 available under the terms of the BSD Documentation License (BDL) or
   58 are in the public domain.  Refer to each document for specific terms.
   60 The full text of the LGPL, BDL, and BSD license should be included in
   61 the source distribution of BRL-CAD in the doc/legal/ directory.  Refer
   62 to the full license text for more details, information, requirements,
   63 and implications of each license.
   65 3rd-Party Components
   66 --------------------
   68 The BRL-CAD package utilizes and redistributes several 3rd party
   69 source codes, libraries, and applications.  Said 3rd party source
   70 code, libraries, and applications all retain their respective
   71 agreements, licenses, and copyrights and should be referred to
   72 individually for their specific terms.  For the purposes of
   73 redistribution and legal compatibility for all of BRL-CAD's existing
   75 TERMS OF THE GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE or any other license with
   76 similar legal implications that would impose legal obligations on
   77 external codes that utilize BRL-CAD as a library.
   79 When referring to BRL-CAD, its source code, documentation, and
   80 libraries, the reference is not meant to include or imply 3rd party
   81 source code, libraries, and/or applications unless specifically stated
   82 otherwise.  No endorsement or claim of authorship is implied to any
   83 3rd party asset that is included with BRL-CAD.  The majority of the
   84 3rd party source code, libraries, and applications included with
   85 BRL-CAD are located in the src/other/ directory of the source code
   86 distribution.
   88 Copyright
   89 ---------
   91 All contributions to BRL-CAD have been provided under agreement.  By
   92 requiring all contributions be given back to the BRL-CAD developers,
   93 this agreement allows the BRL-CAD project to continue to grow
   94 unhindered.  As such, a majority of the source code is copyright by
   95 the United States Government as represented by the United States Army
   96 Research Laboratory.
   98 Authors and other BRL-CAD contributors must comply with the copyright
   99 terms for their respective contributions unless otherwise noted or
  100 arranged.  This includes an implicit assignment of copyright for any
  101 and all contributions being made.  The following notice should be
  102 prominent in the BRL-CAD sources:
  104   Copyright (c) 1984-2021 United States Government as represented by
  105   the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.
  107 Contact
  108 -------
  110 Questions or comments regarding BRL-CAD legal issues pertaining to
  111 copying, linking, licensing, trademark, or otherwise should be
  112 directed to the BRL-CAD Development Team at the following address:
  114 BRL-CAD Development Team
  115 devs@brlcad.org
  116 http://brlcad.org
  118 ---
  119 $Revision$