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Bokeh Version 1.1.0 (April 2019) is a significant release that primarily addresses the layout system. More than 50 layout-related issues were closed, addressing bugs, missing features, and performance. Other topics of this release included:

And several other bug fixes and docs additions. For full details see the CHANGELOG.

Migration Guide

New in 1.1

The js_link function was added to make it simpler to link two Bokeh model properties together:

slider.js_link('value', r.glyph, 'radius')

See userguide_interaction_linked_properties for more information.

The Slider.value_as_date method was added to conveniently retrieve Slider values as date objects when appropriate.


The following features or APIs were deprecated in version 1.1 and will be removed in a future 2.0 release:

Changes to bokeh.sphinxext

In order to support a longer term goal of moving Bokeh docs to ReadTheDocs, some changes to the bokeh-plot Sphinx directive were necessary. These are:

We believe that there are very few users of bokeh.sphinxext outside the project itself, and that these changes will not cause any breakage for any of those users. However, please reach out for support if any unforeseen issues arise.