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Bokeh Version 0.12.9 (Sep 2017) is an incremental update that adds a few important features and fixes several bugs. Some of the highlights include:

Many other small bugfixes and docs additions. For full details see the CHANGELOG.

Migration Guide

Deprecated bokeh.charts support removed

The bokeh.charts module, which was simply a compatibility shim to load the separate bkcharts package, has been removed. Additionally, Bokeh itself no longer lists bkcharts as a dependency. In order to continue using bkcharts code, the bkcharts package must be installed separately.

Deprecated MPL compatibility removed

The bokeh.mpl module and all supporting code in bokeh.core.compat has been removed. Bokeh no longer offers or attempts any automatic MPL conversion.

Table Date Formatter Changes

A regression in 0.12.7 caused the DateFormatter to stop functioning. The problem has been fixed, however instead of the previously accepted JQuery style formats, theformat property now only accepts

Old Testing Functions Removed

The functions bokeh.test and bokeh.util.testing.runtests have been removed immediately. Tests should be run as described in the testing section of the Developer's Guide.

The function bokeh.util.testing.print_versions has been removed immediately. The bokeh info command (or python -m bokeh info) should be used instead.

Refactor of bokeh.client and bokeh.document

The bokeh.client and bokeh.document packages were refactored, to make maintenance and testing simpler, and to improve overall code quality. No commonly used or demonstrated public APIs were affected, (no example code required any changes). The other files that were moved or changed are not expected to impact user code.

End of Official Support for Python 3.4

Starting with this release, Bokeh is no longer continuously tested against Python 3.4. Use of Bokeh with Python 3.4 will very likely still work, but there are no longer any guarantees backed by CI testing.