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Bokeh Version 0.12.16 (May 2018) is an incremental update that adds a few new features and fixes several bugs. Some of the highlights include:

And several other bug fixes and docs additions. For full details see the CHANGELOG.

Migration Guide

NOTE: the 0.12.x series is the last planned release series before a version 1.0 release. For more information see the project roadmap.

Deprecations Removed

The following functions, arguments, or features have were previously deprecated with warnings and instructions for new usage, and have now been permanently removed:

Release History

To support publishing all release information on one page, the bokeh_index_toctree module and contents have been immediately moved to bokeh_releases. Since this facility had no use outside building official Bokeh documentation, no deprecation was given.

CDS column_names property

ColumnDataSource models had a Bokeh property column_names for specifying the list of column names in source.data. This information was duplicative and had to be explicitly maintained in a fragile way. It has been replaced by read-only properties in both Python and JavaScript that always accurately report the current column names automatically. Setting column_names is no longer supported, however as this possibility has never been officially documented or demonstrated, it is not expected to affect any standard usage.

Tools renderers property

Previously the default value, an empty list, corresponded to automatically choosing all available renderers for hit testing. Now, a new default value "auto" is used for that, so that an empty list can mean "hit test no renderers". A value of None may also be used to indicate no hit testing should occur. Since there is typically no reason to explicitly set a property to its default value, it is not expected that this change impacts any standard usage.

bokehjs' source directory renamed

To finalize the rewrite of bokehjs in TypeScript, the source directory was renamed from src/coffee to src/lib. This change affects only bokehjs' contributors or other advanced users (e.g. when repackaging bokehjs with Webpack or other JavaScript module bundler).

BOKEH_DOCS_MISSING_API_KEY_OK environment variable

This environment variable is no longer used by Bokeh. Previously, the bokeh.sphinxext plot directive would always fail by default if a GOOGLE_API_KEY environment variable was not defined, and this environment variable could be set to override that default behavior. Now, builds will succeed by default, even witout a Google API key defined (but Google Maps plots will not fully render). To require an API be defined (i.e. to restore the previous behavior) you can now set bokeh_missing_google_api_key_ok = False in the Sphinx config file.