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Bokeh Version 0.12.0 (Jun 2016) is a large release with many new improvements:

Migration Guide

Known Issues

Currently the most reliable sizing modes for layouts are "fixed" and "scale_width". Other modes may work, or may produce undesired effects. Work on layout is still ongoing. Support for "mixes" sizing modes will come in a future release. Additionally, the ResizeTool does not function reliably with responsive layout, and will most likely be deprecated in a future release.

Google Maps

Google has made a change to their terms of use for google maps, and "effective immediately", ALL google maps API calls MUST have an API key, or they will not function:


All Bokeh GMapPlot models must have their api_key property set, or they will not function properly. PLEASE NOTE: all previously created GMap plots from any previous version of Bokeh are affect by this TOS change.


All WebGL examples have been moved under examples/webgl. The timeout.py and random_tiles app examples have been removed in favor of new, better examples. Several examples of new layout capability are under examples/howto/layout.


The mechanism for declaring properties on BokehJS has changed, with the addition of the @define, @override and @internal methods. This may affect existing custom extesnions. Until now, BokehJS details were considered an internal implementation detail. In the future, more attention will be given to BokehJS stability.

Deprecations and Compatibility

The new layout work was a large undertaking. As a result, there are many deprecations, including hplot, vplot, etc. Almost all old functions will continue to function, while issuing deprecation warnings. However, there are newer functions that should be preferred. The most up-to-date guidance for layout going forward is at:


In most cases it was possible to move forward with a deprecation, for the time being, but there are two small hard compatibility breaks that could not be avoided:


This attribute is now a Title object. It is no longer possible to set, e.g. p.title = "some text" as a string value. Instead, you must do:

p.title.text = "some_text"

It is still possible to pass the title keyword argument a string value to figure and Charts, as a convenience. Additionally all other title related properties on Plot, e.g title_text_color` continue to work for now, while issuing deprecation warnings.


The ClientSession.show method must now be explicitly passed the thing to be shown. It is no longer possible to call, e.g. session.show() without a parameter. Instead, you must do: