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Creating Steam builds for Blender

This script automates creation of the Steam files: download of the archives, extraction of the archives, preparation of the build scripts (VDF files), actual building of the Steam game files.



$ export STEAMUSER=SteamUserName
$ export STEAMPW=SteamUserPW
$ export BASEURL=https://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.83/
$ export VERSION=2.83.3
$ export APPID=appidnr
$ export WINID=winidnr
$ export LINID=linuxidnr
$ export MACOSID=macosidnr

# log in to SteamWorks from command-line at least once

$ ../sdk/tools/ContentBuilder/builder_osx/steamcmd +login $STEAMUSER $STEAMPW

# once that has been done we can now actually start our tool

$ python3.7 create_steam_builds.py --baseurl $BASEURL --version $VERSION --appid $APPID --winid $WINID --linuxid $LINID --macosid $MACOSID --steamuser $STEAMUSER --steampw $STEAMPW --steamcmd ../sdk/tools/ContentBuilder/builder_osx/steamcmd

All arguments in the above example are required.

At the start the tool will login using steamcmd. This is necessary to let the Steam SDK update itself if necessary.

There are a few optional arguments:

Run the tool with -h for detailed information on each argument.

The content and output folders are generated through appending the version without dots to the words content and output respectively, e.g. content2833 and output2833. These folders are created next to the tool.

From all .template files the Steam build scripts will be generated also in the same directory as the tool. The files will have the extension .vdf.

In case of errors the tool will have a non-zero return code.