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    1 Blender License (the "BL", see http://www.blender.org/BL/ ).
    3 Copyright (C) 2002-2005 Blender Foundation. All Rights Reserved.
    5 This text supersedes the previous BL description, called Blender License 1.0.
    7 When the Blender source code was released in 2002, the Blender Foundation reserved 
    8 the right to offer licenses outside of the GNU GPL. This so-called "dual license" 
    9 model was chosen to provide potential revenues for the Blender Foundation. 
   11 The BL has not been activated yet. Partially because;
   13 - there has to be a clear benefit for Blender itself and its community of 
   14   developers and users.
   15 - the developers who have copyrighted additions to the source code need to approve 
   16   the decision.
   17 - the (c) holder NaN Holding has to approve on a standard License Contract
   19 But most important; 
   21 - the Blender Foundation is financially healthy, based on community support
   22   (e-shop sales), sponsoring and subsidy grants
   23 - current focus for the Blender Foundation is to not set up any commercial
   24   activity related to Blender development.
   25 - the GNU GPL provides sufficient freedom for third parties to conduct business
   26   with Blender
   28 For these reasons we've decided to cancel the BL offering for an indefinite period.
   30 Third parties interested to discuss usage or exploitation of Blender can email 
   31 license@blender.org for further information.
   33 Ton Roosendaal
   34 Chairman Blender Foundation.
   35 June 2005