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    1 UPC examples:
    3 Note that most of the code in this subdirectory tree was contributed by
    4 outside sources, and the Berkeley UPC group makes no claims of
    5 correctness, optimality or suitability of this code for any purposes.
    7 In particular, be aware that the Makefiles provided may not be
    8 setup appropriately for Berkeley UPC.
   10 --
   11 cpi:
   12 Two different methods for approximating pi.
   13 cpi.upc uses the midpoint rule to integrate 4/(1+x^2) in the interval
   14 [0,1].  This program takes one optional argument, the number of
   15 intervals each thread should use for the integration.
   17 mcpi.upc fires darts at the unit circle in an attempt to compute its
   18 area. It also takes an optional argument, the total number of trials
   19 to use.
   20 --
   21 doublereduce:
   22 doublereduce.upc shows how one can implement a tree-based reduction in
   23 UPC.  Of particular interest is the use of polling to wait for message
   24 arrivals.  It takes no arguments, but the number of threads must be a power
   25 of 2.
   26 --
   27 laplace:
   28 stencil.upc illustrates different methods of computing a simple 1-d
   29 stencil operation using shared arrays.  Takes no arguments.
   30 --
   31 mg:
   32 The NAS MG code, class B, written in UPC style.  Takes no arguments.
   33 The number of threads is recommended to be a power of 2.
   34 --
   36 To run these examples in each individual directory
   37 cd <dir>
   38 gmake run THREADS=<no of threads>
   40 To run all examples
   41 gmake runall THREADS=<no of threads>
   42 in this directory.