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    1 -[  README for bbkeys, a general XWindow keygrabber, meant to be a working
    2 -[  example of a better window-hinting scheme with blackbox.
    4     Check out NEWS for more information....
    6     This is the brave new world of bbkeys, the next generation.  The first
    7     bbkeys (through 0.8.6) had gotten big and out of control, code-wise.
    8     It was the first C++ code I'd ever written and it showed.  Then along
    9     came openbox and woodblock's simple and elegant epist keygrabber was
   10     beefed up big-time, and now it's known as epist-ng, and it's
   11     distributed with openbox2.
   13     Wellsir, bbkeys either needed a complete rewrite or project
   14     abandonment.  I chose the former.  Time will tell as to the wisdom of
   15     that.  Bbkeys now supports a much more flexible configuration file.  It
   16     more accurately represents the config file as a tree object, which it
   17     is.  It also shares blackbox's menu-file's structure, so hopefully
   18     blackbox and bbkeys will be able to share common file-parser code.
   20     Bbkeys 0.8.6 and before was never designed for parameters in the
   21     config-file, nor was it able to handle chained keybindings.  I
   22     personally never used emacs before a few months ago, but since I've
   23     started using it, I completely understand how valuable it is--and how
   24     some users do need chained keybindings (ya just run out of them with
   25     emacs).  So, this next generation of bbkeys will allow for both chained
   26     keybindings and parameterized keybindings.
   28     The other neato thing that's coming out of this bbkeys complete
   29     overhaul is the fact that it will be sharing code for the first time
   30     with blackbox proper!!  This is EXTREMELY good news, and is the best
   31     thing to happen to blackbox since sliced bread!
   33 -[  A note on the config file....
   35     Previously, bbkeys kept its config options and its keybinding
   36     definition file in two separate places.  This was yucky and wasteful
   37     and was only done because I didn't think 2 seconds about it before now.
   38     But learning from mistakes (and learning from others' good code) is a
   39     Good Thing (TM).  Thus, bbkeys's config-file has changed.  It resembles
   40     blackbox's menu-file structure, as shown below....
   42 [begin] (bbkeys configuration file)
   44   [config]
   45     [option] (stylefile) {~/local/blackbox/share/blackbox/styles/Blue}
   46     [option] (honorModifiers) {false}
   47     [option] (raiseWhileCycling) {false}
   48     [option] (showCycleMenu)  {true}
   49     [option] (menuTextJustify) {right}
   50     [option] (autoConfig)   {true}
   51     [option] (autoConfigCheckTimeout) {2}
   52     [option] (workspaceColumns) {4}
   53     [option] (workspaceRows) {2}
   54     [option] (cycleMenuX) {20}
   55     [option] (cycleMenuY) {20}
   57   [end]
   59   [keybindings] (begin keybindings)
   60     [chain] (Mod1-Y)
   61       [execute] (1) {xmms}
   62       [execute] (2) {aumix -v +5}
   63       [execute] (3) {aumix -v -5}
   64     [end]
   65     [Lower]  (Mod1-Down)
   66     [Raise]  (Mod1-Up)
   67     [toggleShade]  (Mod1-F9)
   68     [Close]  (Mod1-F4)
   69     [Iconify]  (Mod1-M)
   70     [toggleMaximizeFull]  (Mod1-F12)
   71     [toggleMaximizeHorizontal]  (Mod1-F11)
   72     [toggleMaximizeVertical]  (Mod1-F10)
   73     [toggleOmnipresent]  (Mod1-Control-S)
   74     [toggleDecorations]  (Mod1-Control-T)
   75     [resizeWindowWidth]  (Mod1-Control-Shift-Left) {-5}
   76     [resizeWindowWidth]  (Mod1-Control-Shift-Right) {5}
   77     [resizeWindowHeight]  (Mod1-Control-Shift-Up) {-5}
   78     [resizeWindowHeight]  (Mod1-Control-Shift-Down) {5}
   79     [moveWindowUp]  (Mod1-Control-Up) 
   80     [moveWindowDown]  (Mod1-Control-Down)
   81     [moveWindowLeft]  (Mod1-Control-Left)
   82     [moveWindowRight]  (Mod1-Control-Right)
   83     [NextWindow]  (Mod1-Tab)
   84     [NextWindowOnAllWorkspaces]  (Mod1-Control-Tab)
   85     [PrevWindow]  (Mod1-Shift-Tab)
   86     [changeWorkspace]  (Mod1-1) {1}
   87     [changeWorkspace]  (Mod1-2) {2}
   88     [changeWorkspace]  (Mod1-3) {3}
   89     [changeWorkspace]  (Mod1-4) {4}
   90     [changeWorkspace]  (Mod1-5) {5}
   91     [changeWorkspace]  (Mod1-6) {6}
   92     [changeWorkspace]  (Mod1-7) {7}
   93     [changeWorkspace]  (Mod1-8) {8}
   95     [showRootMenu] (Mod1-Control-Escape)
   97     [Execute]  (Mod1-F5) {xrefresh}
   98     [Execute]  (Mod1-F1) {aterm -fn smoothansi -fg white -bg black -trsb -tr -sh 80 -tint steelblue -cr green -sl 5000}
   99   [end] (end keybindings)
  100 [end] (end bbkeys configuration)
  102     As you can see, it's the same structure as blackbox's menu file.  All
  103     config options for bbkeys are kept in a [config] submenu structure, while all
  104     keybindings are kept in a [keybindings] submenu structure.  Inside the
  105     keybindings structure, the only other submenu structure is the [chain]
  106     directive.  It is important to note that both the config submenu
  107     structure and the keybindings submenu structure must have an [end] to
  108     delimit the section.  If it's not there, well, good luck. =:)
  111 -[  Is it perfect? Absolutely not.  
  113     Will it core-dump all over your lap and puke on your blue suede 
  114     shoes? Hopefully not.  
  116     Are there bugs? Oh, you betcha.  
  118     Do I want to know about them there bugs? Yah, for sure.
  120     Are there things that I'm still planning to do? Ayup (that's what TODO is for).