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Bareos WebUI Translation

Where do I find the translation?

The localization files are located in module/Application/language. You can find the languages that are currently in translation in our online project, which is addressed in the next section.

How should I edit translation files?

You need to join our online project for translating the Bareos WebUI. We use http://poeditor.com. The following link, https://poeditor.com/join/project/ELnLNbvQJb , will redirect you to the right project. You can join our translation community as a contributor there.

How can I add a new language?

We will add the feature to add a new lanugage as a contributor after the existing localizations have been completed. Check back in a while to see if it's possible then.

Where can I find further information?

See here for more info on POEditor.

What if my questions are not answered in this document?

Do not be afraid to ask them on our mailinglist, bareos-devel@googlegroups.com .