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    1 #### INSTALLATION #
    3 You must download and install Winpcap from: 
    5 http://winpcap.polito.it
    7 I recommend version 3.0 at this time.
    9 Then, unzip Bandwidthd to the folder of your choice. Edit 
   10 etc/bandwidthd.conf to suit your environment. Double click 
   11 "Install Service" to install the service.  You can now start 
   12 Bandwidthd from the services control panel.  Stopping the 
   13 service from the services panel not supported.  You will 
   14 need to kill it with task manager if you want it stopped.
   16 If you have more than one network interface card, and you 
   17 want to listen on a specific device, you can run 
   18 "List Device Names" to produce a list of devices that can 
   19 be used on the "dev" line in bandwidthd.conf.  By default, 
   20 Bandwidthd listens on the first interface it detects.