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    2 This is the plugins implementation for Bacula.
    3 The current plugins for the DIR and SD are untested.
    4 For the File daemon, there are three plugins.  The 
    5 first is purely experimental. The second is quite functional
    6 and useful -- bpipe, and the third is the Exchange plugin
    8 For more details on plugins please see the New Features
    9 chapter of the Concepts document.
   11 What is implemented:
   12 - load a plugin
   13 - get main entry points in plugin (two)
   14 - pass plugin Bacula entry points
   15 - get plugin's entry points
   16 - keep list of plugins that are loaded 
   17 - The plugin currently only needs config.h and bc_types.h
   18   in the Bacula src directory to be build.  Otherwise, it is
   19   totally independent of Bacula.
   20 - The main test program is intended to be integrated into
   21   Bacula (at least a number of the functions therein).
   22 - Search for all plugins in the plugin directory
   23 - Implement Bacula context for plugin instances
   24 - Implement plugin context for plugin instances
   25 - Integrate the code into Bacula
   26 - Figure out a way to deal with 3 types of plugins (Director,
   27   File daemon, Storage daemon).
   28 - Pass Version information in plugin Initialize
   29 - Document the interface
   30 - Test Win32 plugins
   31 - Print all plugins loaded when Bacula starts
   32 - Print all plugins loaded during traceback
   33 - Make libbac.a into a shared object and allow plugin
   34   to call functions in directly so that plugins can use
   35   the same "safe" system utilities that Bacula uses.
   36 - Document libbac.so (when implemented)
   37 - Write more plugins that really do something.
   38 - Error handling must be much improved and brought into Bacula
   39   programming style. It currently just printf()s a message then
   40   exits (partially done).
   42 What is not yet implemented:
   43 - Implement plugin license/version checking
   44 - Some better method to pass variables
   45 - Define more functionality (Bacula entry points, ...)
   46   especially for DIR and SD plugins