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    1 portsmf README.txt
    2 14 Jun 2008
    3 Roger B. Dannenberg
    5 Portsmf is "Port Standard MIDI File", a cross-platform, C++ library
    6 for reading and writing Standard MIDI Files.
    8 License information: free and open source, see license.txt for details
   10 Features:
   12 - input and output of Standard MIDI Files
   13 - data structures, classes, etc. for representing music data in memory
   14     o sequence structure consisting of multiple tracks
   15     o track structure consisting of multiple events
   16     o events contain note and control data
   17     o extensible attribute-value property lists
   18     o tempo track and time signature representation
   19 - input and output of a text-based representation: Allegro files
   20 - extensive editing operations on sequences and tracks
   21 - conversion to/from binary buffers for archiving, undo/redo, etc.
   23 Portsmf is a relatively small number of about 9 files, so there is
   24 currently no support for building/maintaining Portsmf as a separate
   25 library. (Contributions are welcome.) For now, it is suggested that
   26 you simply compile these files along with your application sources.
   28 There is a test program in portsmf_test and makefiles to build it as
   29 an example.
   31 You might want to browse through portsmf_test/allegro_test.cpp 
   32 for examples that use and exercise most of the portsmf functions.