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    1 Source: atool
    2 Section: utils
    3 Priority: optional
    4 Maintainer: Oskar Liljeblad <oskar@osk.mine.nu>
    5 Build-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>> 4.1.0)
    6 Standards-Version:
    8 Package: atool
    9 Architecture: all
   10 Depends: ${perl:Depends}
   11 Suggests: unzip, bzip, bzip2, fastjar, lzop, lzma
   12 Description: A script for managing file archives of various types
   13  atool is a script for managing file archives of various types (tar,
   14  tar+gzip, zip etc).
   15  .
   16  The main command is aunpack which extracts files from an archive. Did you
   17  ever extract files from an archive, not checking whether the files were
   18  located in a subdirectory or in the top directory of the archive, resulting
   19  in files scattered all over the place? aunpack overcomes this problem by
   20  first extracting to a new directory. If there was only a single file in the
   21  archive, that file is moved to the original directory. aunpack also
   22  prevents local files from being overwritten by mistake.
   23  .
   24  The other commands provided are apack (to create archives), als (to list
   25  files in archives), and acat (to extract files to standard out). As atool
   26  invokes external programs to handle the archives, not all commands may be
   27  supported for a certain type of archives.