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    1 2012-04-02: atool 0.39.0 released.
    2   Add support for plzip, as well as --lzip in GNU tar 1.23 and later (patch
    3   from Dan Serban).
    4   Add support for lbzip2 and pigz (patch from Tim Harder).
    5   Fix documentation typo (Debian #661636).
    6   Updated links in README and on web page (thanks Antonio Diaz).
    8 2011-08-15: atool 0.38.0 released.
    9   Fix Mac OS X build time problem (reported by Dave Dribin): Don't use 'sed
   10   -r' in makefiles, use 'sed' instead, etc.
   11   Apply manpage typo fix patches (from Francois Marier).
   12   Fixed bug preventing saved amount of data not to be printed with arepack.
   13   Added -O, --format-option option for specifying archiver options.
   14   Exit gracefully when specifying an unsupported formats with arepack.
   15   Fix xv typo - should be xz (use_tar_xz_option etc) (from polemon).
   16   Fix identification of .xpi files as zip (patch by Francois Marier,
   17   Debian bug #530812).
   18   Fix identification of 7zip files (patch by Bastian Kleineidam,
   19   Debian bug #558003).
   21 2009-08-13: atool 0.37.0 released.
   22   Added support for lzip and xz (suggested by Vincent Lefevre).
   23   Fixed bug in arepack command with tar archives.
   24   The number of bytes saved is now printed in 'repack' mode (suggested by
   25   Meino Christian Cramer).
   26   Don't use -U parameter (to delete original archive) for lzop.
   27   Added link to ATrpms repository to home page.
   28   Added support for GNU tar's --xv, --lzop, and --lzma options when the
   29   corresponding atool options are enabled (use_tar_xv_option,
   30   use_tar_lzop_option and use_tar_lzma_option).
   31   Better checking of config file variables.
   33 2009-02-26: atool 0.36.0 released.
   34   Fix problem not identifying ZIP archives using file (from mollifier).
   35   Fix problem with escaping characters in UTF-8 locales.
   36   Don't use -r when creating rar archives, it recurses subdirs as expected
   37   by default.
   39 2008-06-08: atool 0.35.0 released.
   40   Now detect self-extracting ZIP archives using file (suggested by Jens
   41   Schleusener).
   42   Added "use_file_always" option to always identify using file (suggested
   43   by Thomas Link).
   44   Now identify compressed files (bzip2, bzip, gzip, compress) when using
   45   "use_file" option.
   46   Improved error messages (from Ed Avis).
   47   Fix manpage hyphens (patch from Francois Marier).
   48   Added -o, --option option to change a configuration option.
   49   Added support for rzip and lrzip archives.
   50   Use '-c' option with compressors such as gzip and bzip2 when piping
   51   output.
   52   Added support for pbzip2 (added configuration options path_pbzip2 and
   53   use_pbzip2).
   55 2008-04-03: atool 0.34.0 released.
   56   Added support for lzma (suggested by Ed Avis and Leif Thande, patch from
   57   Nick Matteo).
   58   Added extra directory.
   59   Now using automake.
   61 2007-08-22: atool 0.33.0 released.
   62   Change order of arguments in tar commands.
   63   Use 'f' option to tar when using archive from stdin/to stdout (by
   64   reported by Shotaro Aoyama).
   65   Fix configuration file bug: "use_arj_for_unpack" did not work 
   66   (reported by Simon Peter).
   67   Minor build and documentation updates.
   69 2005-12-13: atool 0.32.0 released.
   70   Fixed bug in repack mode: Could not repack a compressed file into an
   71   archive, but could (incorrectly) repack an archive to a compressed file
   72   (reported by Meino Christian Cramer).
   73   Print ellipsis properly in output ("...", not "..") (patch from Ed Avis).
   74   Added support for Microsoft Cabinet archives.
   75   Ignore waitpid errors on win32 (patch from Ed Avis).
   77 2005-08-08: web page updated.
   78   Fixed some typos in the web page and NEWS file (will be updated for next
   79   release).
   81 2005-08-08: atool 0.31.0 released.
   82   ATTENTION: This release fixes a serious bug which might cause files and
   83   directories to be removed in some circumstances when using adiff. I
   84   recommend upgrading to the 0.31.0 immediately. If you cannot upgrade, you
   85   are safe as long as you do not use the adiff command on untrusted
   86   archives.
   87   Here are the details: Symbolic links would be followed when temporary
   88   directories were removed recursively. Only the adiff command removed
   89   directories in this way - the extracted files of the archives it
   90   compared. This means that if you ran adiff on an archive containing a
   91   symbolic link that pointed to, say, /foo, /foo would be removed
   92   recursively! This was due to a missing check for symbolic links. This bug
   93   was found by code auditing, and has been fixed in this release.
   94   Added arepack command (also -r, --repack) (previously incomplete and
   95   disabled, also suggested by Meino Christian Cramer).
   96   Added support for 7-Zip'ed TAR archives (.tar.7z) (suggested by Meino
   97   Christian Cramer).
   98   Implemented cat support for 7-Zip archives.
   99   Completed list of supported archive types in the manual page (some were
  100   missing).
  101   Improve --simulate and --explain.
  102   Added support for acat on Debian packages (patch from Peter Valdemar
  103   M°rch).
  104   Added support for extracting control files from Debian packages as well
  105   (patch from Peter Valdemar M°rch, thanks).
  106   Fixed some manual page typos.
  108 2005-07-25: atool 0.30.0 released.
  109   Added support for 7-Zip archives (.7z) using p7zip (suggested by Meino
  110   Christian Cramer).
  111   Added support for ALZip archives (.alz) using unalz.
  112   Added support for Debian package archives (.deb) files (contributed by
  113   Joao Lourenco).
  114   Fixed some typos in the manual page (reported by Stephane Jourdois).
  115   Added file matches for LHA SFX archives.
  116   Updated building of rpm and debian packages.
  117   Updated documentation.
  118   Got rid of year ranges in copyright.
  120 2004-07-05: atool 0.29.0 released.
  121   Added support for ar archive (.a) files (suggested by Wojtek Sczygiol).
  122   Improved and cleaned up handling of compressed files (single file
  123   archives), resulting in some bugs fixed.
  124   Deal with compressed files (.gz, .bz2, ..) differently, fixing some bugs.
  125   These files are now extracted to current directory.
  126   Implemented new options 'decompress_to_cwd'.
  128 2004-06-18: atool 0.28.0 released.
  129   'make install' will now build everything before installing.
  130   Use detected perl path in atool executable (reported by Ed Avis).
  131   Fixed extraction of files from LHA archives (reported by Goetz Waschk and
  132   Matthew Mueller).
  134 2003-11-14: atool 0.27.0 released.
  135   Support for autoconf has been added (based on files from Hisham Muhammad,
  136   thanks).
  137   Added support for ARC files (suggested by Ed Avis).
  138   Added support for using the arj command for ARJ archives (previously only
  139   unarj was supported).
  140   Cleaned up and improved the manual page and README document.
  141   Fixed RAR identification from file(1) output.
  142   Now uses tar --bzip2 option instead of -j. The use_tar_j_option has been
  143   renamed to use_tar_bzip2_option (patch submitted by Ed Avis, thanks).
  144   Renamed the use_rar_for_unrar option to use_rar_for_unpack (old options
  145   will still work).
  146   Bumped copyright year.
  147   Removed the distdiff make target.
  149 2003-05-23: atool 0.26.0 released.
  150   Added a new configuration option, use_rar_for_unrar (always use rar
  151   instead of unrar when possible).
  152   Added a new configuration option, strip_unknown_ext (strip unknown
  153   extensions). Patch submitted by G÷tz Waschk - thanks!
  154   Tried to make atool more portable by using File::Spec more.
  155   Some minor bug fixes for --simulate mode.
  156   Cleaned up error messages.
  158 2002-11-08: atool 0.25.0 released.
  159   Implemented a new option keep_compressed to control whether the original
  160   file should be kept after packing/unpacking compressed files.
  161   Cleaned up code for handling compressed files.
  162   Now refuses to compress multiple files into one.
  163   Don't pass -r option to unrar.
  164   Cleaned up and simplified the code a little (remove exec argument).
  165   Use unrar instead of rar when not creating RAR archives. A new option,
  166   path_unrar was added. (Requested by G÷tz Waschk.)
  167   Use cpio for archives that file(1) reports as "ASCII cpio archive".
  168   Replaced 'refuse to overwrite' wording with 'refusing to overwrite'.
  169   Updated manual page:
  170     Replaced 'single-file-compressor' wording with 'file compressor'.
  171     Clarified meaning of PATH value to -X option.
  173 2002-10-09: atool 0.24.0 released.
  174   If PAGER is set, use that for default pager instead.
  175   Debian and RPM packages now include symlinks to the manpage for aunpack,
  176   apack etc too. These symlinks are also installed during make install.
  177   Build fixes for RPM package from G÷tz Waschk (thanks).
  178   Don't set root:root owner when installing files in Makefile.
  180 2002-09-28: atool 0.23.0 released.
  181   Added new feature: If no file arguments are specified with apack,
  182   filenames are read from standard in.
  183   Added new option: -0, --null to specify that filenames read from standard
  184   in are separated by null-bytes.
  185   Fixed tab stop in --help message.
  186   Exit with non-zero return code if any command failed.
  187   Cleaned up code (add parens around subroutine calls) to prevent weird
  188   bugs.
  190 2002-09-17: atool 0.22.0 released.
  191   Fixed use_gzip_for_z configuration option name typo (was
  192   cfg_use_gzip_for_z).
  193   New option use_find_cpio_print0 to make find use -print0 and cpio -0.
  194   Added support for lzop archives.
  196 2002-09-16: atool 0.21.0 released.
  197   Use POSIX::getcwd instead of Cwd::cwd (fixes warnings with perl 5.8).
  198   Fixed some bugs for Perl 5.005 compatibility (reported by Nicholas
  199   Piper).
  200   Use sysopen instead of three argument open to open some files.
  201   Use POSIX::isprint instead of /[[:print:]]/.
  202   Added --subdir (-D) option to always extract to subdirectory.
  204 2002-09-08: atool 0.20.0 released.
  205   Added support for cpio archives.
  206   Fixed bugs with --save-outdir (wouldn't save right directory), and
  207   updated manpage.
  208   Fixed help message ("current directory" => "specified directory").
  210 2002-07-13: atool 0.19.0 released.
  211   Added PREFIX variable to Makefile (patch submitted by Dave Dribin).
  212   Updated man page with supported archive formats.
  213   Always run rar with the -r (recursive) option.
  214   Documented how to make aunpack change into the directory where files were
  215   extracted to (feature requested by Brian Hall).
  217 2002-07-02: atool 0.18.0 released.
  218   Added support for rpm archives (patch submitted by JoŃo Lourenšo -
  219   thanks!).
  220   Added configuration option `show_extracted' to always show what file was
  221   extracted. This is also the default behavior now.
  222   Added adiff example to manpage.
  223   Running atool on files with names beginning with <, >, +, | or other
  224   similar characters could potentially have very bad effects on atool (such
  225   as files disappearing). This is fixed now.
  226   Updated the author's email address in the help and version messages.
  227   Improved error messages by quoting all filenames mentioned.
  228   No longer change mode on directories before removing them (now considered
  229   to be unsafe by myself, despite the fact that I wrote the code originally
  230   :).
  231   Atool can now be used on files with newline and delete characters in
  232   their names. (As a result of this, atool now uses the POSIX perl module.)
  234 2002-04-14: atool 0.17.0 released.
  235   Added support for extraction of arj archives.
  236   Fixed symlink creation during make install (patch from Brian Hall).
  237   Fixed wording ("files in root" instead of "root files").
  238   Fixed adiff on compressed files (would have no effect, and would leave an
  239   Unpack dir).
  241 2002-02-09: atool 0.16.0 released.
  242   Added new option `args_diff' to control diff arguments (previously `-ru'
  243   was hardcoded in).
  244   Updated wordings in the README.
  245   Reformatted NEWS file. :)
  246   Improved Makefile somewhat.
  247   Fixed identification and some extension-related issues with LHA and RAR.
  248   Added support for ace archives (extraction and listing only).
  249   Mention URL for some archiver programs in the README.
  251 2001-12-22: atool 0.15.0 released.
  252   Fixed a minor bug that would prevent atool from extracting archives with
  253   one non-writable root directory properly (reported by Matthew Mueller).
  254   Added files for making RPM packages of atool.
  255   Added TODO document.
  257 2001-11-17: atool 0.14.0 released.
  258   Added support for .lha archives (with lha command).
  259   Fixed and improved the adiff command. (It will no longer ask before
  260   deleting files.)
  261   Changed default path for the compress command to 'compress'.
  262   Improved error messages.
  263   Some very minor bug fixes.
  265 2001-10-26: atool 0.13.0 released.
  266   New command adiff that generates a diff between two archives.
  267   Documentation fixes.
  269 2001-09-18: atool 0.12.0 released.
  270   Improved error messages when the program to execute does not exist (no
  271   more Perl warnings).
  272   The author has changed email-address to oskar@osk.mine.nu.
  274 2001-08-13: atool 0.11.0 released.
  275   Improved error messages.
  276   The --each option can now be used with the add command. (This can be used
  277   to create multiple archives at a time.)
  279 2001-08-01: atool 0.10.0 released.
  280   New option -e, --each to extract or list multiple archives in one
  281   command.
  282   Fixed a bug causing gzip, bzip, bzip2 and compress'd files not to be
  283   identified correctly.
  284   Added sections `Examples' and `Known Bugs' to the manual page.
  286 2001-07-16: atool 0.9.0 released.
  287   Rethought the verbosity options. New options: -v, --verbose and -V,
  288   --verbosity. Default verbosity level can now be set in configuration
  289   file.
  290   Changed behaviour of apack on compressed (gzip, bzip2, ..) files (didn't
  291   work before).
  292   Now file's -z option is used to identify more formats.
  293   Included more information in the manual page (about configuration etc).
  294   New option --config to load a specific configuration file.
  295   The temporary extraction directory is now removed on exit, if it is
  296   empty.
  297   Now refuses to overwrite existing files when creating archives.
  298   Minor bug fixes, error message improvements and typo corrections.
  300 2001-07-05: atool 0.8.0 released.
  301   Added support for configuration files. System-wide (/etc/atool.conf) and
  302   user (~/.atoolrc) configuration files are supported.
  303   Added support for identifying files using file(1). See the README file
  304   for details.
  305   Symbolic links that refers to non-existant files will no longer be
  306   overwritten when extracting files (these symlinks were previously
  307   considered to be non-existant themselves).
  308   The NEWS file is included again.
  309   Added option (use_gzip_for_z) to control whether to use gzip or
  310   uncompress to decompress .Z files.
  311   Some minor bug fixes.
  313 2001-04-16: atool 0.7.0 released.
  314   Fixed all commands for tar archives (output would be written to stdout
  315   and input read from stdin by default),
  316   When extracting tar.Z archives, extension wouldn't be removed from output
  317   directory. This has been fixed now.
  318   Manual format (with --format) wouldn't work at all. This is fixed now.
  319   Added -F as an alias for --format.
  320   Recognize .war as a JAR archive.
  322 2001-04-04: atool 0.6.0 released.
  323   Added this NEWS document.
  324   Complete rewrite resulting in cleaner and better code.
  325   Added support for rar archives.
  326   Added support for .Z (compress) compressed files and .tar.Z archives.
  327   New option "-p, --page", to send output through pager.
  328   New option "-E, --explain" to have atool explain what is being done.
  329   New option "-S, --simulate" to have atool simulate commands.
  330   Changed "-X, --extract-here" command to "-X, --extract-to" that requires
  331   a PATH argument.
  332   The temporary extraction directory is now named "Unpack-XXXX", instead of
  333   "atool-unpack-XXXX".
  334   Added configuration options for setting path of programs to use.
  335   Added configuration options for controlling name of temporary extraction
  336   directory.
  337   Implemented a command line generation engine so that /bin/sh is used only
  338   when necessary.
  339   Now uses strict.
  341 2001-03-28: atool 0.5.0 released.
  342   Rereleased with new version number (0.3.0 was released as 0.4.0 on
  343   Freshmeat).
  345 2001-03-27: atool 0.4.0 released.
  346   Added forward function declarations to fix "X called to early to check
  347   prototype" messages generated by Perl 5.6.
  348   Added files for making Debian packages of atool.
  349   Fixed help text for -X command.
  350   Added prototypes for functions without them.
  351   Added manpage for atool.
  352   Added more license text from COPYING to the atool source and README file.
  354 2001-03-24: atool 0.3.0 released.
  355   Fixed "Use of uninitialized value" messages when extracting from
  356   archives.
  357   Added support for jar archives, and use_jar_program configuration
  358   variable.
  359   The "-q, --quiet" option is now listed in help message.
  360   Configuration variables are now better documented in the README.
  361   Some cleanup of the atool code.
  362   Use exec instead of system where possible.
  364 2001-03-21: atool 0.2.0 released.
  365   Now creates temporary extraction directory only when necessary.
  366   Display a message when list command is run on compressed files.
  368 2001-03-17: atool 0.1.0 released.
  369   First public release.