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    1 <?xml version="1.0"?>
    2 <!DOCTYPE autolayout PUBLIC "-//Norman Walsh//DTD Website Autolayout V2.5.0//EN" "http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/website/2.5.0/schema/dtd/autolayout.dtd">
    3 <autolayout>
    4 <style src="arkweb.css" type="text/css"/><toc page="arkweb.xml" id="home" filename="index.html">
    5 <title>The Arusha Project</title>
    6 <summary>Introduction</summary>
    7 <tocentry page="ARK.xml" id="ARK" dir="ARK/" filename="index.html">
    8 <title>The ARK team of the Arusha Project</title>
    9 <summary>ARK team</summary>
   10 <tocentry page="good.xml" id="good" dir="ARK/" filename="page2.html">
   11 <title>Something good about the ARK team</title>
   12 <summary>ARK goodness</summary>
   13 </tocentry>
   14 </tocentry>
   15 <tocentry page="sidai.xml" id="sidai" filename="page2.html">
   16 <title>The Sidai team of the Arusha Project</title>
   17 <summary>Sidai team</summary>
   18 </tocentry>
   19 </toc>
   20 <notoc page="about.xml" id="about" filename="about.html">
   21 <title>About the Arusha Project</title>
   22 <summary>About the Arusha Project</summary>
   23 </notoc>
   24 </autolayout>