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    1 `Releases' are not very important in the ARK world; users
    2 are best advised to work directly with the relevant CVS
    3 repositories.  These `release notes' are, therefore, minimal
    4 and mostly reflect the notes sent to Freshmeat(.net) when we
    5 "release" something there.
    7 === 20050419 =======================================================
    9 Support for Solaris 10 and Fedora Core (3, at time of writing),
   10 including the latter on x86_64.  Initial support for NFSv4, and for
   11 ARK repositories kept under Subversion.  Look at verilab2/packages
   12 for a reasonable idea of packages actively supported.
   14 === 20040529 =======================================================
   16 All code switched to the BSD license, with only a few
   17 exceptions.
   19 === 20040526 =======================================================
   21 This is the last version of the core teams' code licensed
   22 under the GPL; the next and subsequent versions (soon?) will
   23 be under the BSD license.
   25 In the Sidai code, we have the first code to manipulate ARK
   26 state events (event-utils/lsevents); the 'sync-replica' tool
   27 can now use rdiff-backup as well as rsync; we have new
   28 packages to install Mozilla and Eclipse binaries, and for
   29 Subversion and (retro-tool...)  DVIutils from source; plus
   30 many small enhancements.
   32 In the Verilab2 code, we have sample CUPS support.
   34 === 20031013 =======================================================
   36 In the ARK engine, host context is tracked better.  We attempt to
   37 satisfy new constraints with chosen-earlier constraints.  Added
   38 'may-fail' constraints.
   40 In the Sidai code, networking info has been generalized and sample
   41 packet-filter code changed to match.  General support
   42 for RH Linux 9 added.  A 'clean' method added to most
   43 packages.
   45 In individual teams' code, there are now examples of using
   46 rdiff-backup and of how to kickstart an RH Linux box into
   47 ARK-readiness.  Over 150 package specifications are new or updated to
   48 current software versions.
   50 === 20030310 =======================================================
   52 Our LISA 2001 paper is now available.  'Tooldoc' supports easy
   53 location of non-standard documentation. 'Toolenv' supports careful
   54 intermingling of environment variables when tool versions are being
   55 controlled.  Password distribution tools now work with shadow files.
   56 A new `device' thing (anything except a host) has been introduced.
   57 HP-UX11 support refreshed.  Newly supported packages include: gaim,
   58 SML-NJ, Jakarta XML/Java tools (initial support), and GNOME 2 tools
   59 (ditto).  Plus many other package updates, minor improvements and a
   60 few bug fixes.
   62 === 20021001 =======================================================
   64 ARK bootstrapping, and its documentation, is much improved and
   65 internally consistent.  ARK now admits 'external' things, those it
   66 knows about but does not operate on.
   68 In the Sidai team: A new 'client' thing has been introduced, the
   69 opposite of a 'vendor' thing.  FlexLM licensing setups now work
   70 directly from 'license' things.  Newly supported packages include:
   71 GnuPG, Icarus Verilog, LPRng, Quixote, Roundup, SpamAssassin,
   72 TightVNC.  Plus many other package updates, minor improvements and bug
   73 fixes.
   75 === 20020721 =======================================================
   77 The ARK engine provides more precise control over the user and group
   78 that it runs as.  It works better in the context of down or pending
   79 hosts.  ARK methods may be marked as 'dangerous' (e.g. applying OS
   80 patches).  The standard `deploy' and `reveal' methods now work from
   81 the manifest file.  The --force-reveal flag is gone.  The normalDate
   82 module (by Jeff Bauer) updated to version 1.2.
   84 In the Sidai team, a `verify-source' method was added to the standard
   85 package flow.  `Disk chunks' have been reworked to allow multiple
   86 replicas.  New packages supported include: abiword, accent,
   87 averant-solidify, chkrootkit, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl, exmh, expect,
   88 hugs98, ipfilter, john-the-ripper, nessus, openoffice-bin, php-config,
   89 roundup-config, squirrelmail, texinfo, and valgrind.  Plus many minor
   90 improvements and bug fixes.
   92 === 20020225 =======================================================
   94 ARK team: Long-running ARK applications now notice changes to ARK data
   95 (.xml files).  Added better support for multiple admins maintaining a
   96 site.  The ARK engine now works sensibly when hosts are down or
   97 unavailable.  A new flavor of constraints ('general') has been added.
   98 Mac OS X is now supported, including AppleScript ARK methods.
  100 Sidai team: The 'un'-methods (uncompile, undeploy, uneverything, etc.)
  101 have been added for packages.  New ARK packages: LPRng, antiword,
  102 various Cadence EDA tools, cfengine, ispell, ns2 (network simulator),
  103 Sun packages and patch bundles.  Newer version of existing ARK
  104 packages: openssh, samba, tiff, and xemacs.
  106 Documentation: Jonathan Hogg's UKUUG talk slides have been added to
  107 the Web site.
  109 === 20010930 =======================================================
  111 ARK team: `doc' values ("documentation fragments") are now in use.
  112 `Proxy-hosts' work sensibly in more cases.  The `--constraint-hosts'
  113 flag has been eliminated.  Sidai team: The simple Webware-based ARK
  114 presentation tool is included.  Dependencies are more carefully
  115 handled when compiling packages.  Solaris 8 is now known to work.  A
  116 new NIS-less password-distribution scheme is available to try out
  117 (warning: perilous!).  Glasli1 team: Many packages have been upgraded
  118 to new versions.
  120 === 20010721 =======================================================
  122 Switched from anonymous FTP to SourceForge 'releases'; the 'try out
  123 ARK' stuff (sample1) much improved; ARK engine's tracking of
  124 "provenance" is real now; the macro language (used in params, etc.)
  125 revised and documented; Sidai stuff for mass-configuring in /etc
  126 (net-config, sys-config, ...)  really works; some support for HP-UX 11
  127 and Red Hat Linux 7.1; some bug fixes and many minor improvements.
  129 === 20010531 =======================================================
  131 Initial release made known to freshmeat.  No detailed notes.