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    1 Notable changes in archivemail 0.9.0:
    3   * IMAP: support for international mailbox names containing non-ASCII
    4     characters.
    6 Notable changes in archivemail 0.8.0:
    8   * Removed the feature to setuid to the mailbox owners when run as root.
    9     This was a bad idea; it's really hard to do safely, if at all possible.
   10     Obsoletes: patch #2783134.
   11   * New option --archive-name, or short -a, to hard-code an archive filename.
   12     Like the --suffix and --prefix options, it is expanded with strftime().
   13     This option conflicts with archiving multiple mailboxes.  Closes: feature
   14     request #1306538.
   15   * New option --prefix, or short -p, to specify an archive name prefix.  Like
   16     a suffix specified with the --suffix option, the prefix is expanded with
   17     strftime().  Specifying this option disables the default archive name
   18     suffix.  Obsoletes: feature request #604281.  (Thanks Serafeim Zanikolas
   19     for an initial patch)
   20   * New option --all to archive all messages in a mailbox.  Closes: #1764846.
   21   * archivemail now expands wildcards in IMAP mailbox names.  For example, the
   22     url imaps://user@server/foo/* will expand to all subfolders of foo.
   23     Closes: feature request #1978540. Obsoletes: patch #1918937.
   24   * To determine the delivery date of a message, archivemail now looks for the
   25     timestamp of the latest 'Received' header before resorting to
   26     'Resent-Date' or 'Date'.  This should give much better results when there
   27     is no 'Delivery-date' header, which is still checked first.
   28     (Thanks Andrew Ferrier & Christian Brabandt)
   29     Closes: #1481316, #1764855, Debian bug #272666.
   30   * We now omit the dotlock if we don't have sufficient permissions to create
   31     it in the mbox directory. (The file is still locked with lockf.)
   32     Together with more changes under the hood (see below) this means
   33     archivemail can now operate on mbox files in the system mail spool.
   34     Closes: #855269.
   35   * Replaced some simple minded file operation security checks with more
   36     decent ones.  This means we can safely operate in /tmp, for example.  The
   37     price is that we no longer accept symlinked files.  Obsoletes: patch
   38     #1874868.
   39   * The archive now also gets locked while archivemail updates it.
   40   * mbox locking got completely rewritten.  Switched from flock to lockf
   41     locking, which is NFS-safe and portable, and we now lock with lockf first,
   42     then with a dotlock, instead of the other way around.  (This is makes
   43     archivemail compatible with Debian systems. ;)