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    1 NAME
    2   <COMMAND> - the ArangoDB database server
    4   <COMMAND> [options] database-directory
    6   The <COMMAND> binary can be used to start the ArangoDB database
    7   server. By default, the server will run in a mode that allows clients
    8   to connect to it via the network. The server also has an emergency
    9   console mode that can be used for any sort of maintenance
   10   operations. In the emergency console mode, the server does not allow
   11   any clients to connect.  The server can be stopped gracefully at any
   12   time by pressing CTRL-C or by sending the SIGINT signal to the
   13   process.
   15   The <COMMAND> binary has many options that can be used to control its
   16   behavior.  For a complete list of options, please refer to the
   17   ArangoDB online manual, available at https://www.arangodb.com/
   19 AUTHOR