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@brief throw collection not loaded error --database.throw-collection-not-loaded-error flag

Accessing a not-yet loaded collection will automatically load a collection on first access. This flag controls what happens in case an operation would need to wait for another thread to finalize loading a collection. If set to true, then the first operation that accesses an unloaded collection will load it. Further threads that try to access the same collection while it is still loading will get an error (1238, collection not loaded). When the initial operation has completed loading the collection, all operations on the collection can be carried out normally, and error 1238 will not be thrown.

If set to false, the first thread that accesses a not-yet loaded collection will still load it. Other threads that try to access the collection while loading will not fail with error 1238 but instead block until the collection is fully loaded. This configuration might lead to all server threads being blocked because they are all waiting for the same collection to complete loading. Setting the option to true will prevent this from happening, but requires clients to catch error 1238 and react on it (maybe by scheduling a retry for later).

The default value is false.