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    1 apg-2.2.3
    2     Fixed version info (-v).
    4 apg-2.2.2
    5     Fixed permissions for source distribution.
    7 apg-2.2.1
    8     Changed manpages of apg and apgd.
   10 apg-2.2.0
   11     Added polish translation for APG PHP frontend.
   12     Added option -p (see apg(1) apgd(8)).
   13     Added option -t (see apg(1) apgd(8)).
   14     Added option -l (see apg(1)).
   15     Changed format of the bloom-filter file. Added
   16     converter utility to convert old format to the
   17     new one (bfconvert).
   18     Added option -i (see apgbfm(1)).
   19     Fixed some bugs.
   20     Some compatibility changes.
   21     Changed default apg options.
   23 apg-2.1.0
   24     Some code cleanup.
   26 apg-2.1.0b1
   27     Option [-E char_string] now works for pronounceable
   28     password generation too (see apg(1), apgd(8)).
   30 apg-2.1.0b0
   31     Added new option [-e char_string] that allow to exclude some
   32     characters from password generation process.
   33     (works only for random password generation yet)
   35 apg-2.1.0a0
   36     Added support for /dev/arandom for OpenBSD
   38 apg-2.1.0a0
   39     Fixed some typing errors in the man pages
   40     System getopt() replaced with own apg_getopt().
   41     All calls of bcopy() and bzero() replaced with memcpy() and memset().
   42     Changed documentation.
   43     PRNG algorithm changed to use PID as an element of initial seed.
   44     Redesigned PHP frontend. Added support for German language.
   45     Implemented password quality ckeck based on filter. Now you can enforce
   46     APG to generate passwords that must contain numbers, special characters etc.
   47     Removed support for old style password generation mode definition.
   49 apg-2.0.0final
   50     Changed PHP frontend to work with PHP safe-mode.
   51     Version numbers of apg, apgd, apgbfm, apgonline changed to 2.0.0final.
   53 apg-2.0.0b1
   54     Fixed error that has forced user to set world-write privileges on
   55     Bloom-filter file. (Thanks to Mike Robbins <mike.robbins@sweetolive.net>)
   56     Fixed PHP frontend to clean-up generated HTML code.
   57     (Thanks to Mike Robbins <mike.robbins@sweetolive.net>)
   59 apg-2.0.0b0
   60     Some code style fixes.
   61     Support for "special" symbol-set usage for password generation
   62     in pronounceable mode (S mode).
   63     Support for "resticted special" symbol-set usage for password generation
   64     in pronounceable mode (R mode).
   65     New style of hyphenated password output for pronounceable
   66     password generation mode.
   68 apg-2.0.0a3
   69     Better error handling in apgbfm.
   70     Added -q option for apgbfm and apg (quiet mode).
   71     Added PHP frontend for APG.
   73 apg-2.0.0a2
   74     Added support for SHA1 algorithm used for random numbers and hash
   75     generation.
   76     Hash function used in apgbfm changed to SHA1.
   77     Added info to APG_TIPS file.
   79 apg-2.0.0a1 (not published)
   80     Finaly fixed some warnings during compilation process.
   81     Added support for OpenBSD.
   82     Added info to APG_TIPS file.
   84 apg-2.0.0a0
   85     Added new algorithm (-b option) to check generated passwords
   86     quality (Bloom filter).
   87     Added utility apgbfm to manage Bloom filter.
   88     Some code style fixes.
   89     Added APG_TIPS file in documentation.
   91 apg-1.2.13
   92     Added support for NetBSD.
   93     (Thanks to Tomasz Luchowski <zuntum@eik.pl>).
   95 apg-1.2.12
   96     Added support for AIX, and some compatibility reports.
   97     (Thanks to Philip Le Riche <pleriche@uk03.bull.co.uk>).
   99 apg-1.2.11
  100     Changed default owner of apg and apgd (now it is root).
  101     Some cosmetic changes.
  103 apg-1.2.1
  104     Changed -R option. Changed documentation.
  106 apg-1.2.1b
  107     Changed impementation of -y option. Now you can disable it
  108     before compilation.
  109     Added option -M for new style password modes specification.
  110     (see apg(1) apgd(8)).
  111     Added support for IRIX.
  112     (Thanks to Andrew J. Caird <acaird@advance-inc.com>)
  114 apg-1.2.1a2
  115     Added option -y (see apg(1)).
  116     (Thanks to Andrew J. Caird <acaird@advance-inc.com>)
  117     Some minior fixes for APG for Solaris.
  119 apg-1.2.1alpha
  120     Added option -R (see apg(1) and apgd(8)).
  122 apg-1.2.0
  123     Changed random character password generation algorithm.
  124     Changed user random seed generation procedures.
  126 apg-1.1.61b
  127     Fixed directory permissions (thanks to Adrian Ho <lexfiend@usa.net>).
  128     Fixed random segfault when run with the -s argument
  129     (thanks to Peter Pentchev <roam@orbitel.bg>)
  131 apg-1.1.6b
  132     Fixed random number generation error.
  133     (Thanks to Rainer Wichmann <st8h304@hs.uni-hamburg.de>)
  134     Now RNG uses local time with precision of microseconds
  135     as initial seed.
  136     (Thanks to Rainer Wichmann <st8h304@hs.uni-hamburg.de>)
  137     Fixed error that was the reason of random APG crashes.
  138     Added support for /dev/random for seed generation.
  140 apg-1.1.5
  141     Fixed some compiler warnings
  142     Fixed pronounceable password generation error with modes -C -N. But
  143     there is another bug ;-( Sorry...
  144     It is no more an error if min_pass_len > max_pass_len.
  145     Changed installation procedure
  146     Added option -d (see apg(1)).
  148 apg-1.1.4
  149     Modified pronounceable password generation algorithm.
  150     Now support -N and -C options, but still pronounceable ;-)
  152 apg-1.0.4
  153     Added option -c (see apg(1)).Changed apg.c, apg.1 manpage.
  155 apg-1.0.3
  156     Fixed some code style errors. Changed INSTALL, apgd.8 manpage.
  158 apg-1.0.2
  159     Improved event logging of apgd. Changed INSTALL.
  161 apg-1.0.1
  162     Fixed password length error