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    1 1) This source directory contains various Zookeeper recipe implementations.
    3 2) The recipe directory name should specify the name of the recipe you are implementing - eg. zookeeper-recipes-lock/.
    5 3) It would be great if you can provide both the java and c recipes for the zookeeper recipes.
    6     C recipes go in to zookeeper-recipes/zookeeper-recipes-[recipe-name]/src/c
    7     Java implementation goes into zookeeper-recipes/zookeeper-recipes-[recipe-name]/src/java.
    9 4) The recipes hold high standards like our zookeeper c/java libraries, so make sure that you include
   10 some unit testing with both the c and java recipe code.
   12 5) Also, please name your c client public methods as
   13 zkr_recipe-name_methodname
   14 (eg. zkr_lock_lock in zookeeper-recipes-lock/src/c)
   16 6) The various recipes are in ../docs/recipes.html or
   17 ../../docs/reciped.pdf. Also, this is not an exhaustive list by any chance.
   18 Zookeeper is used (and can be used) for more than what we have listed in the docs.
   20 7) To run the c tests in all the recipes, 
   21 - make sure the main zookeeper c libraries in
   22 {top}/src/c/ are compiled. Run autoreconf -if;./configure; make. The libaries
   23 will be installed in {top}/src/c/.libs. 
   24 - run autoreconf if;./configure;make run-check 
   25   in zookeeper-recipes/$recipename/src/c