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This subproject contains two sets of performance related tests, compiler tests and benchmarks.

Compiler Performance Tests

The compiler tests can be run using the following Gradle task:

./gradlew :perf:performanceTests

This will compile various source files using several past versions of Apache Groovy in addition to the current source version.


JMH Benchmarks can be run using:

./gradlew :perf:jmh

In order to run the benchmarks against InvokeDynamic generated classes use the indy property:

./gradlew -Pindy=true :perf:jmh

Groovy and Java sources placed in src/test will also be available to the benchmarks.

To run a single benchmark or a matched set of benchmarks, use the benchInclude property:

./gradlew -PbenchInclude=CallsiteBench :perf:jmh

The benchInclude property will perform a partial match against package names or class names. It is equivalent to .${benchInclude}..