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    1 Apache Groovy
    2 Copyright 2003-2023 The Apache Software Foundation
    4 This product includes software developed at
    5 The Apache Software Foundation (http://www.apache.org/).
    7 This product embeds the OpenBeans jar within its grooid jar artifacts
    8 OpenBeans includes/uses files from Apache Harmony and the following notice applies
    9 Copyright 2006, 2010 The Apache Software Foundation.
   10 Portions of Apache Harmony were originally developed by Intel Corporation and are
   11 licensed to the Apache Software Foundation under the "Software Grant and Corporate
   12 Contribution License Agreement" and for which the following copyright notices apply
   13     (C) Copyright 2005 Intel Corporation
   14     (C) Copyright 2005-2006 Intel Corporation
   15     (C) Copyright 2006 Intel Corporation