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This docker container provides everything needed to build and test Angular applications:

Note: This docker image will be no longer actively updated. Consider using other Docker images that come with Node installed. Bazel can be installed through the @bazel/bazel NPM package.

By using this, you avoid installation steps in your CI scripts and get a more consistent dev environment.


See https://github.com/angular/closure-demo/blob/master/.circleci/config.yml where this container is used in CircleCI.

To run locally:

$ docker run -it --rm angular/ngcontainer

Running tests

Any program that needs to talk to a browser (eg. protractor) should be run under xvfb when executing on a headless machine like on CI. The nice way to factor this is to have your top-level test command which you run locally:

$ yarn test

Then in your CI configuration, you’d run

$ xvfb-run -a yarn test

For Developers

Install Docker on your machine in order to build/pull/push this image.

Get the teamangular password from http://valentine and log in:

$ docker login

Publish a new version:

$ tools/ngcontainer/publish.sh [tag eg. 0.2.3]