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How to run the benchmarks locally

Run in the browser

yarn bazel run modules/benchmarks/src/tree/{name}:devserver

# e.g. "ng2" tree benchmark:
yarn bazel run modules/benchmarks/src/tree/ng2:devserver

Run e2e tests

# Run e2e tests of individual applications:
yarn bazel test modules/benchmarks/src/tree/ng2/...

# Run all e2e tests:
yarn bazel test modules/benchmarks/...

Use of *_aot.ts files

The *_aot.ts files are used as entry-points within Google to run the benchmark tests. These are still built as part of the corresponding ng_module rule.

Specifying benchmark options

There are options that can be specified in order to control how a given benchmark target runs. The following options can be set through test environment variables:

Here is an example command that sets the PERF_DRYRUN option:

yarn bazel test modules/benchmarks/src/tree/baseline:perf --test_env=PERF_DRYRUN=true