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Debugging the components-repo-unit-tests job

Currently all changes to Ivy are validated against the test suite of the angular/components repository. In order to debug the components-repo-unit-tests CI job, the following steps can be used:

1) Build the Ivy package output by running node ./scripts/build/build-packages-dist.js in the angular/angular repo.

2) Clone the angular/components repository if not done yet (quick link to repo).

3) Set up the package output in the angular/components repository by running the following command in the angular/angular repo:

node ./scripts/ci/update-framework-deps-to-dist-packages.js {COMPONENTS_REPO}/package.json ./dist/packages-dist

4) Switch into the angular/components repository and run the tests by using the following command:

yarn test --deleted_packages=//src/dev-app

Running tests for individual entry-points

The yarn test script from the components repository runs all tests in the project. This is sometimes not desired because it involves building and testing of all packages and entry-points. Running tests for an individual entry-point is possible by explicitly selecting a given test target.

Here is an example of commands that run individual test targets. Note that it is important to specify the --config=ivy flag in order to run tests with Ivy.

yarn bazel test --config=ivy src/material/slider:unit_tests
yarn bazel test --config=ivy src/cdk/a11y:unit_tests
yarn bazel test --config=ivy src/material/toolbar:unit_tests