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Member "angular.js-1.8.2/.mailmap" (21 Oct 2020, 1352 Bytes) of package /linux/www/angular.js-1.8.2.tar.gz:

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    1 Andres Ornelas <aornelas@google.com>
    2 Caitlin Potter <caitpotter88@gmail.com>
    3 Caitlin Potter <caitpotter88@gmail.com> <snowball@defpixel.com>
    4 Di Peng <pengdi@google.com>
    5 Di Peng <pengdi@google.com> <pengdi@go.wustl.edu>
    6 Georgios Kalpakas <kalpakas.g@gmail.com>
    7 Georgios Kalpakas <kalpakas.g@gmail.com> <g.kalpakas@hotmail.com>
    8 Julie Ralph <ju.ralph@gmail.com>
    9 Lucas Galfaso <lgalfaso@gmail.com>
   10 Martin Staffa <mjstaffa@gmail.com>
   11 Martin Staffa <mjstaffa@gmail.com> <mjstaffa@googlemail.com>
   12 Matias Niemelä <matias@yearofmoo.com>
   13 Michał Gołębiowski-Owczarek <m.goleb@gmail.com>
   14 Misko Hevery <misko@hevery.com>
   15 Misko Hevery <misko@hevery.com> <misko@google.com>
   16 Igor Minar <igor@angularjs.org>
   17 Igor Minar <igor@angularjs.org> <iiminar@gmail.com>
   18 Igor Minar <igor@angularjs.org> <iminar@google.com>
   19 Igor Minar <igor@angularjs.org> <iminar@dhcp-172-19-37-154.mtv.corp.google.com>
   20 Pawel Kozlowski <pkozlowski.opensource@gmail.com>
   21 Peter Bacon Darwin <pete@bacondarwin.com>
   22 Rodric Haddad <rody@rodyhaddad.com>
   23 Shahar Talmi <shahar.talmi@gmail.com>
   24 Shahar Talmi <shahar.talmi@gmail.com> <shahart@wix.com>
   25 Shyam Seshadri <shyamseshadri@google.com>
   26 Shyam Seshadri <shyamseshadri@google.com> <shyamseshadri@gmail.com>
   27 Vojta Jina <vojta.jina@gmail.com>
   28 Vojta Jina <vojta.jina@gmail.com> <vojta@gemin-i.org>
   29 Vojta Jina <vojta.jina@gmail.com> <vojta@google.com>