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Basic Configuration

Configuring Ampache

Ampache strives to have sane defaults while providing the ability to change the configuration to meet a majority of people's needs. Ampache has two main locations for its config. The Config file located at /config/ampache.cfg.php and the Database preferences which are per user and modified via the web interface.

Enable Debug Logging

Ampache has a very in depth logging system that requires a few config options to be configured before you can log.

Web Interface Configuration Options

This chapter will cover those in the Database as all options in the config file are well documented. You can find a current copy of the config file at Github. As an admin you can change the permission level required to change any of the below preferences by modifying the Level under Server Config for the preference in question.


This section contains all of the preferences directly relating to the interface and how Ampache look or displays information to the user.


This section defines how Ampache streams your Music. Some options in here require additional configuration in the /config/amapche.cfg.php



This sections contains preferences for different features that can be enabled, disabled within Ampache.


This section is only visible to Administrators and pertains to non-user options that often affect Ampache's operation as a whole, but are not deemed to be a security risk and thus are allowed to be in the Interface.


This is a list of the current Localplay Modules and Plugins that you can enable and disable. These Plugins and Modules may add additional preferences to Ampache which are not defined here. Catalog Updates will not be performed if there are any non-official Plugins currently installed.

Ampache User Levels

There are 5 user levels on Ampache. They are as follows.