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Advanced search is the API method to access the search rules used in the WEB UI. It can be confusing to process how the rules are generated so this has been split into it's own page.

Perform an advanced search given passed rules. This works in a similar way to the web/UI search pages. You can pass multiple rules as well as joins to create in depth search results

Rules must be sent in groups of 3 using an int (starting from 1) to designate which rules are combined. Use operator ('and', 'or') to choose whether to join or separate each rule when searching.

Available search rules

Select the type of search based on the type of data you are searching for. (songs, playlists, etc)

rule_1 Title Operator Type Valid Items
anywhere Any searchable text text song
title Title / Name text song,album,artist,playlist,label
album Album Title text song,artist
artist Artist text song,album,artist
album_artist Album Artist text song
composer Composer text song
year Year numeric song,album
original_year Original Year numeric album
yearformed Year numeric artist
placeformed Place text artist
release_type Release Type text album
release_status Release Status text album
myrating My Rating numeric song,album,artist
rating Rating (Average) numeric song,album,artist
albumrating My Rating (Album) numeric song
artistrating My Rating (Artist) numeric song,album
favorite Favorites text song,album,artist
favorite_album Favorites (Album) text song
favorite_artist Favorites (Artist) text song
played_times # Played numeric song,album,artist
skipped_times # Skipped numeric song
play_skip_ratio Played/Skipped ratio numeric song
last_play My Last Play days song,album,artist
played Played boolean song
myplayed Played by Me boolean song,album,artist
myplayedalbum Played by Me (Album) boolean song
myplayedartist Played by Me (Artist) boolean song
time Length (in minutes) numeric song,album,artist
tag Tag tags song,album,artist
album_tag Album tag tags song
artist_tag Artist tag tags song
other_user Another User user_numeric song,album,artist
other_user_album Another User (Album) user_numeric song
other_user_artist Another User (Artist) user_numeric song
label Label text song
license Music License boolean_numeric song
playlist Playlist boolean_numeric song
smartplaylist Smart Playlist boolean_subsearch song
playlist_name Playlist Name text song
comment Comment text song
lyrics Lyrics text song
file Filename text song,video
bitrate Bitrate numeric song
added Added date song
updated Updated date song
recent_played Recently Played numeric_limit song,album,artist
recent_added Recently Added numeric_limit song
recent_updated Recently Updated numeric_limit song
catalog Catalog boolean_numeric song,album,artist
mbid MusicBrainz ID text song,album,artist
mbid_album MusicBrainz ID (Album) text song
mbid_artist MusicBrainz ID (Artist) text song
metadata Metadata metadata (mixed) song
has_image Local Image boolean album,artist
image_height Image Height numeric album,artist
image_width Image Width numeric album,artist
possible_duplicate Possible Duplicate is_true song,album,artist
username Username text user
category Category text label

Available operator values

Select your operator (integer only!) based on the type or your selected search

NOTE with the numeric_limit and is_true operators the operator is ignored, but still required

rule_1_operator Text / Tags / Metadata Numeric / user_numeric Date Boolean, Numeric, Subsearch / Days
0 contains is greater than or equal to / has loved before is true / before (x) days ago
1 does not contain is less than or equal to / has rated 5 stars after is false / after (x) days ago
2 starts with equals / has rated 4 stars
3 ends with does not equal / has rated 3 stars
4 is is greater than / has rated 2 stars
5 is not is less than / has rated 1 stars
6 (Text Only) sounds like
7 (Text Only) does not sound like
8 (Text Only) matches regular expression
9 (Text Only) does not match regular expression

Send the correct input based on the type of search.


NOTE To search metadata you need to add a 4th rule "rule_*_subtype" Operators for metadata are using the text/tag types AND numeric types in a single list as they can be ints/strings/dates. Currently there is not a simple way to identify what metadata types you have saved. New methods will be created for this.

Metadata operator table

rule_1_operator Metadata
0 contains
1 does not contain
2 starts with
3 ends with
4 is
5 is not
6 (Text Only) sounds like
7 (Text Only) does not sound like
8 (Text Only) matches regular expression
9 (Text Only) does not match regular expression
10 is greater than or equal to
11 is less than or equal to
12 is
13 is not
14 is greater than
15 is less than

To search a mixed type like metadata you must search using 4 rules.

advanced_search parameters

@param array $input

Input Type Description Optional
operator string 'and','or' (whether to match one rule or all) NO
rule_* array [rule_1,rule_1_operator,rule_1_input], NO
rule_* array [rule_2,rule_2_operator,rule_2_input], [etc] YES
type string 'song', 'album', 'artist', 'playlist', NO
'label', 'user', 'video'
random boolean 0, 1 (random order of results; default to 0) YES
offset integer YES
limit' integer YES