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    1 HDA-VERB -- Send a HD-audio command
    3 hda-verb is a small program to send HD-audio commands to the given
    4 ALSA hwdep device on the hd-audio interface.
    6 First off, build HD-audio driver with hwdep support.  For the kernel
    7 config, set CONFIG_SND_HDA_HWDEP=y.  When you build ALSA drivers from
    8 alsa-driver tarball, usually this is set automatically.
   10 Once snd-hda-intel driver is built with the hwdep support, you should
   11 have a hwdep device such as /dev/snd/hwC0D0.
   13 The program takes four arguments, the hwdep device name, the widget NID,
   14 the verb and the parameter.  For example,
   16 	% hda-verb /dev/snd/hwC0D0 0x12 0x701 2
   18 The verb argument can be a string like "PARAMETERS".  Also the
   19 parameter argument can be a string like "VENDOR_ID" as well.
   21 	% hda-verb /dev/snd/hwC0D0 0x0 PARAMETERS VENDOR_ID
   23 The string is case insensitive.  Also, it doesn't have to be the full
   24 string but only has to be unique.  E.g. "par" is enough to mean
   25 "PARAMETER", and "set_a" is enough as "SET_AMP_GAIN_MUTE".
   27 	% hda-verb /dev/snd/hwC0D0 2 set_a 0xb080
   29 The program executs the given verb, shows the result and quits.
   30 Usually you need to be root to run this command.
   33 *WARNING*
   34 Use this program carefully.  Sending an invalid verb may screw up the
   35 codec communication, which requires either a reboot or reloading of
   36 the sound driver eventually.