Not-working list of the ALE C64 Emulator Version 1.13

This is the not working list of C64 games, demos and utilities of the ALE C64 emulator.

We need your help! We can't test every c64 program!

If you know not-working programs not listed here, please let us know!


If you know a working version of a program listed here, please let us know!

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Emulation reasons

We did something wrong in the emulator.

A line flickers, use -f 12!
creatures I (creat1.d64)
Use command line option "-F 5", for correct scrolling!
Exploding fist (explfist.d64)
Didn't start or shows JAM instruction, use original roms. One line of the sprites flickers. (Timer or sprite fetch?)
Impossible mission II
Illegal instruction $72, take the floppy image from sharkbite.
pacland [?] (pacland.d64)
break in 7167, type "cont" to resume. Or use original roms!
sigma 7
hangs after start on break, corrupt file (in druid.d64,my)!
Shadow of the beast
Sometimes a line is bad, use -f 37 to fix.
Streat gang
hangs after intros on break. corrupt image (my)!
Stunt car racer
Shows JAM instruction, use original roms.
turrican I [RA]
Use command line option "-x" and original roms.
Triad 3rd stone from the sun demo
Second part picture flickers, also part 6 flickers.
Triad lickpipe demo
Uses open left and right borders, Intro needs -f 11 and -F 2, next of intro needs -f 13 and -F 5. Part 2 didn't looks good: -f 10 and -F 3 are best! If part 2 hangs try again with other -f and -F.
Triad wisdom demo.
Intro uses open left and right borders, timing depends on this! Rest works fine. Use "-s" to look, or load the parts seperatly.

1541 emulation reasons

We currently have a mostly read only support for D64 floppy images.

NEW! Starting with 1.12g ALE C64 also emulates the 1541 processor, if you use the "-s" option. You should have a fast computer to utilize this, though it requires less CPU power then you might think.

"-s" features full read/write support on D64 images with PAL timing.

"-S" features full read/write support on D64 images with NTSC timing.

7 cities of gold
Use its own serial routines, you can't create new maps! With fastloader we have some timing problems (bad-lines BA). Use the "-s" and "-m 1000" in this order to play, but formating isn't supported yet.
Error: 64, FILE TYPE MISMATCH, use fastloader support!
Alice in wonderland (alice1.d64, alice2.d64)
Apply following patch: alice2.d64, offset $3491, change DO 24 to EA EA. (Is this an emulator bug?)
Castle wolfenstein
Loads file starting with '@' and REL-files, use fastloader support!

Fast loaders

This programs has a fast loader. NEW! Starting with 1.12g using "-s" you also get fastloader support. This still is incomplete due to the very serious timing synchonization problems arising from the fact that the C64 and the 1541 utilize slightly different quartz oscillators. Uncritical fastloader however already work, since the emulation goes as far as feeding the floppy emulation with GCR code as it would come from the disk head. It is not clear how long it will take to make this perfect, or if it ever will happen, but if so it will doubtlessly require a very fast processor (theoretically works fine on the PPro 200 it currently is developed upon, but not sure about slower machines).

If you have a version of these programs without fast loader, or know where a version is available, please let me know!

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Or you can try to remove the fast loader and do something for all the emulator users. The builtin machine language monitor of ALE C64 should help much.

7 years beyond demo [Assembly 95 party] (7_Years.Beyond_Force.LHA)
You can run it with following monitor commands. (; = RETURN)

b 116a; e 44b d0; c 039e; l tex; c; l tex; c; l doom; c; l bobs; c; l gour; c; l end;
(At $0442 starts the iec-in routine)
Use "-s" to see the demo.

Action Replay V3.0 Loader
Turn it of with F7. Uses NTSC fastloader, use "-S" to load.
Adventure construction set (acs-1.d64,acs-2.d64,advcnst1.d64,advcnst2.d64)
Use "-s" to use the program.
Alter ego (af-1-1.d64 .. af-3-2.d64)
Use the other version.
Alter ego (ae1.d64 .. ae6.d64)
Use "-S" for NTSC fastloader to play. (Turn disk with KEYPAD +,KEYPAD -)
Age of adventure [ECA] (ageX.d64)
Use -x and original roms, to come until fastloader. Illegal instuction at FAE3.
Creatures II (creat2-1.d64) (creat2a.d64)
NTSC version with NTSC fastloader, You can run it with following monitor commands und "-S" commandline option. (; = RETURN)

b 024c; e 025f b0 f7; c;

Defender of crown
Use "-s" to play.
Denaris (denaris1.d64)
Use "-s" to play. (after entering game, you can turn of fastloader)
Die harder [?] (diehard2.d64)
Use "-S" for NTSC fastloader to play.
First Samurai (fsamurai.d64)
Use "-s" to play.
Fish (fish1.d64, fish2.d64)
JAM instruction.
GI joe [?] (gijoe1.d64,gijoe2.d64)
Use "-s" to play. (Turn disk with KEYPAD +)
Heart of africa [ECA] (heart.d64)
Use -x and original roms, to come until fastloader. Use "-S -t 50" to play.
Hot Rod
But you should hear the sound until it starts and compare. Use "-S" for NTSC fastloader support to play.
Impossible mission II (impossm2.d64 from arnold)
Get the image from sharkbite, without fastloader.
To play this version use the commandline option "-s".
Pool of radiance
Always wants the disk3, which is already loaded?
Use "-S" for NTSC fastloader support to play.
Shadow of the beast
Use "-s" to play.
Skate or die
Here is a time problem, perhaps the 1541 timers?
Use "-s" for fastloader support and enter following monitor commands. (b 06db; e 06d5 ea; B; c:)
The guild of thieves
JAM instruction. (Corrupt image?)
The pawn
Use "-s -t 50" to play.
Triad 3rd stone demo
Use "-s" for fastloader support to look.
Triad lickpipe demo
You can load the parts seperatly or use "-s" to play.
Triad red storm demo
Use "-s -t 50" to play.
Turrican 2 []
Use "-s -t 100" to play.
Ultima 6 [] (u6fgame.d64)
Use "-s" to play.