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    1 #!/bin/sh
    2 #
    3 # This example shows how to configure afio to write pgp encrypted archives.
    4 #
    5 # Setting the PGPPASS environment variable is unsafe.
    6 #
    7 # If you are using bash, you can use the input redirection by opening a second
    8 # input stream linked to a file containing your pass phrase. Be careful about
    9 # that file's permissions!
   10 #
   11 # working with any shell, but unsafe:
   12 #
   13 #export PGPPASS="your pass phrase"
   14 #find * | afio -ov -Z -U -P "pgp" -Q "-fe" -Q "user_id_for_encryption" -Q "y" archive_file
   15 #
   16 # better, only working with bash(?):
   17 #
   18 export PGPPASSFD=3
   19 find * | afio -ov -Z -U -P "pgp" -Q "-fe" -Q "user_id_for_encryption" -3 3 archive_file 3<passphrasefile
   21 #WARNING: I (Koen Holtman) do not have pgp so I have not tested the above.
   22 #If pgp has a property of being able to produce different-length output
   23 #files when used twice on the same input, as gpg has, then the above script
   24 #will sometimes cause errors in the backup.