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    1 #!/bin/bash
    2 #
    3 # This example shows how to configure afio to write GnuPG encrypted archives.
    5 # GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP. Because it does not use
    6 # IDEA or RSA it can be used without any restrictions. GnuPG is a RFC2440
    7 # (OpenPGP) compliant application.
    9 # This example uses a pass phrase in a file, for increased security.
   10 # the file permissions of this file should be set to -rw--------
   11 # (group and world unreadable) to keep the pass phrase secure
   13 dir_to_backup=/usr/include/linux
   14 passphrasefile=my_passphrasefile
   16 # gpg has built-in compression but this feature cannot be used with
   17 # afio (it should be disabled using the -z 0 to gpg, which can be set using
   18 # -Q -z -Q 0 in afio).
   20 find $dir_to_backup |afio -ovz -Z -U -P gpg -Q --symmetric -Q --passphrase-fd=3 -Q --no-verbose -Q --batch -Q --no-options -Q -z -Q 0 -3 3 my_archive_file 3<$passphrasefile
   22 # The reason why gpg built-in compression cannot be used is as
   23 # follows. When compression is used, and gpg is run twice on the same
   24 # input file, it can generate differing outputs with different
   25 # lengths.  This is a problem for afio if the output length is larger
   26 # than the afio -M option value.  If the length is larger than the -M
   27 # value, then afio will call the 'compression' program twice, once to
   28 # get the 'compressed' file length and once to get the actual file
   29 # contents and write them to the archive, and if the lenght is bigger
   30 # in the second run then the data in the archive will be truncated
   31 # (and therefore corrupted).  Afio does emit an error message when
   32 # this happens, but it might be overlooked.
   34 # the archive written with this script can be unpacked with afio_unpack_gpg