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    1 These are the scripts I use to make backups and to restore them
    2 afterwards using afio for Linux.  They're pretty simple.
    4 I put them in /etc/backup on my backup filesystem (with a symlink from
    5 /etc/backup on the root FS), and do /etc/backup/backup as root to back
    6 the system up.  The x.* files are regular expression which cause
    7 matching names to be excluded from backups.  A trailing slash is used on
    8 some to ensure that the directory is saved in the backup but its
    9 contents aren't.
   11 To restore, I boot of a root/boot/lilo floppy, remake any necessary
   12 filesystems, mount the normal root FS on /mnt/root, restore /, then
   13 reboot with the normal root filesystem and restore the rest.  You could
   14 restore everything in one go, although you have to be careful to create
   15 any directories required in /mnt/root to mount other filesystems on. (My
   16 /home/ftp/pub is on a separate filesystem; if you just have one big FS
   17 like I used to then everything can be restored in one fell swoop.)
   19 I hereby place this material in the public domain.
   20 David P Gymer, 1 February, 1994.
   22 -- Dave
   23 dpg@cs.nott.ac.uk