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    1 name: Bug Report
    2 description: Let us know that something does not work as expected.
    3 title: "[Bug]: Please title this bug report"
    4 body:
    5   - type: textarea
    6     id: what-happened
    7     attributes:
    8       label: Describe the issue
    9       description: What happened, and what did you expect to happen?
   10     validations:
   11       required: true
   12   - type: textarea
   13     id: steps
   14     attributes:
   15       label: Steps to reproduce the problem
   16       description: It is important that we are able to reproduce the problem that you are experiencing. Please provide all code and relevant steps to reproduce the problem, including your `BUILD`/`CMakeLists.txt` file and build commands. Links to a GitHub branch or [godbolt.org](https://godbolt.org/) that demonstrate the problem are also helpful.
   17     validations:
   18       required: true
   19   - type: textarea
   20     id: version
   21     attributes:
   22       label: What version of Abseil are you using?
   23       description: Please include the output of `git rev-parse HEAD` or the name of the LTS release that you are using.
   24     validations:
   25       required: true
   26   - type: textarea
   27     id: os
   28     attributes:
   29       label: What operating system and version are you using?
   30       description: If you are using a Linux distribution please include the name and version of the distribution as well.
   31     validations:
   32       required: true
   33   - type: textarea
   34     id: compiler
   35     attributes:
   36       label: What compiler and version are you using?
   37       description: Please include the output of `gcc -v` or `clang -v`, or the equivalent for your compiler.
   38     validations:
   39       required: true
   40   - type: textarea
   41     id: buildsystem
   42     attributes:
   43       label: What build system are you using?
   44       description: Please include the output of `bazel --version` or `cmake --version`, or the equivalent for your build system.
   45     validations:
   46       required: true
   47   - type: textarea
   48     id: additional
   49     attributes:
   50       label: Additional context
   51       description: Add any other context about the problem here.
   52     validations:
   53       required: false